Back- just

Well eventually Im back on my settee infront of my lap top perched up on my Ikea table.
Just settled down after arriving back form the Virgin Festival at Dusk till Dawn Nottingham.
Bit of a chuckle at the last 2 posts by Jimmy C and Mr E and glad to see they settling in to the swing of the blog straight away. Weve took the plunge and exposed ourselves to the poker world by putting personal pictures up down the left hand side and I know this will really please a certain "Platonic".

Journey home from Vegas was so so. When I book any holiday one of the 1st things I look for is the time of the return flight as the nightmare I hate is when you fly back late so after vacating your room ya normally kicking ya heels to fill time in. Never seems to happen with Vegas flights to be honest and sure again this year its a 2.55pm departure time so with our 11.00am check out its basically pay the bits n bobs bill like $4.5 for a tiny bottle of coke and $14 per day internet bill then taxi for short drive to airport.
Wooooo hardly any queue at check in yet lady decides lets pick on these 2 daft fkrs as they tark deeed funny so I cant understand them. Gives us all the "Have you packed these cases " shitty patter then announces " Im sorry but in economy youre only allowed 20kg per passenger" I look on the scales and Mrs C has 23k and mines 17kg. Ffks where do these people get off from. Its open case time moving stuff from one to another with Caesar Palace towels all over the place.
She settles on 21 v 19 then kindly announces Mrs C has been chosen for extra special security search. Well anyone who knows my missus will no doubt understand how panic stricken she got when informed of this. I think she had a picture of strip search with rubber gloves on looking for gear.
An hour later and we are settled down in departures waiting for our flight displayed as "On Time"
Boarded with our normal central shit seats and the consistent couple infront who insist on having their seats fully pushed back in sleeping mode.
Taxi away from gate approx 30 mins late due to enginnering paperwork then sit another 30 mins at end of runway. Announcement tells us because of change in wind direction and weight on board we have to go to other end of next runway. Obviously when we get there weve missed our slot and Pilot turns off engine.
Announcement- just after turning off engines pilot was informed by traffic control of earlier slot now but due to him switching off engines they needed certain time to cool down before firing up again so we missed that slot as well.
Anyway 3 hours yes 3 hours later our flight took off and for our 10 hour flight it seemed as if I was flying back and forward to Australia it seemed forever. At least I took in 3 films I hadnt seen and learned all about trecking in San Francisco from the eccentric old couple I had next to me. Even took down their cheesecakes from their dinner as they didnt like it.

Anyway tired now and need some zzzzzzzzz so Ill post up tomorrow the Virgin Festival crack with abit of success to write about and other Geordies that did well and also Junes facts n figures which considering the run Ive been on and where Ive been and what Ive played in isnt as bad as what I thought it was going to be.

Teamdobb back on my settee in the UK infront of my Ikea table signing off and cya tomorrow.





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