Karen33000 Targets

Alreet. Great to see the new lads in full swing on saturday with big shouts out to mr entertainment and cardguard who keept the party going all nite lol.
I just wanted to write a few targets for myself. Well I used to play pretty high blind levels on the internet but have come down crashing after a shocking run and I am busto once again. Really thought I had got past that stage but obviously not. I have set myself a target of starting with 1500 dollars. I am really trying to be strict and I can only move up blind levels after I am up 50 buy ins. So I am starting off at 10 20 cent blinds and see where I go. I am going to try and download the poker tracker thing as well so I should be getting sum of that stuff up to bore everyone.

On a brighter note I am doing really well spread betting on the FTSE 100 and Wall Street. I am doing a pound a point and started last week. Im up 230 quid so far and just trying to chip away each day when things are looking appealling and not do trades for the sake of doing one.

Catch u all later


jimmy chipmunk said...

Good Luck and how many new members of the team was there? am thinking 3 so more Prozac and Wine.........

Andy said...

wish you well with your FTSE spread betting but remember to limit your stake size ;)

btw could you please e-mail me at traderATfinancial-spread-betting.com as I can't seem to find a contact e-mail address?




gyposdog said...

10cent 20cent haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa you kidding me? you wont last a 100hnds then youll be back at 5dollar 10dollars getting felted and then stop talking to ya mates cos its everyones fault apart from yours lol . OMG fkn hell you brassic aswell ive just remembered the roll you where playin with 2 months ago WOWZA, ul mate im going to do the same with targets and brm aswell maybe at the same stakes keep my eye on you, good luck