What a WSOP star t !

The World Series of Poker has already swung into action and hats off already to UK player James Akenhead of the "Hit Squad" who has finished 2nd in the 2nd event $1500 NL with nearly 4000 runners and a monsta $520k pay day. James suffered horror final beat when getting his chips in with AK to call a bluff of 10 4 pre flop only to see guy flop set then rub it in with quad 10 on the river- ouch n sick.

Met the guys when at GUKPT Newcastle and seemed great bunch very much together. Nice start indeed to their WSOP 2008 journey.


Platonic_ said...

no offence man but you look like a twat,

if you want i can show you how to play 6max cash 20nl and also inject a bit of style into your appearance.

the undistputid king of small stakes poker


TEAMDOBB said...

Be happy my m8 and keep trucking!
More to life than you seem care about.

Flounder44 said...

2nd place is a bitch... i would know on a microscopic level after today's short session.