Vegas Diary- Eventually arrive!

15th June 2008
Looks like its not just the poker that’s running bad now but even my travel. Normally have always flew straight through direct to Las Vegas but this year going out its via Chicago.
Arrived into Chicago on time only to find our connecting flight to Vegas had been cancelled. What a nightmare and chaos everywhere with a lot of other flights being also cancelled so you can imagine the mayhem at United Airline desks as hundreds of people are trying to get fixed up with alternative flights.
With the exception of Charles de Gaulle Paris this is the next worst airport experience Ive had with long queues all over and not enough staff to cope with the anger. At one point it seemed we weren’t going to get fixed up till the next day in getting out of Chicago or take the risk of going on stand by but eventually we decided to fly into San Francisco and then pick up a flight into Las Vegas from there. Basically it meant we were losing about 8 hours but at least we would be flying in tonight and also the opportunity to see what it looked like flying in late at night with it all lit up.
Arrive in San Francisco and it looks a straight forward connection just near to where we landed so keeping our fingers crossed. Been on the go 24 hours now since leaving home and still not in Vegas.
Connection no problem and we land at midnight in Las Vegas which is a sight to be seen flying in at that time.
Taxi to Caesars, check in and desk guy seems amazed we have same birthday and probably looking how rough we must look tells us he will upgrade us into a nicer room . What a charmer!!!
Anyway 28 hours after leaving home we are here and we need a clean up and some sleep.

Day 2 to follow.