Funny how you meet people

I first started playing poker after catching my 15 year old son online and asking what he was doing. Turns out he was actually playing poker. I soon downloaded WillHill and playing free money under the table name 'deeirun'. I soon got bored with this as being a gambler, the lure of winning money was too stong. A few saturday afternoon freerolls later and initial success convinced me the road to riches had been invented and my first cash deposit was made. It took no time at all to be £200 down and then a £2 multi table tournament win gave me a + account bankroll. At the time, I was involved with a good friend of mine betting on football which we were very successful at losing. I thought I better not let him miss out on this chance and told him about this exciting game I had been introduced to. he was soon online himself playing udner the name of 'monacokev' and within a very short period of time the wins started pouring in for both of us (monacokev has since changed his name to the famous 'Azimut').

A lot of enjoyment I used to get at the time was the fun and humour created by the chat box during games and it was in this time that I regularly used to come against a player called 'ricbeau'. Rich and beautiful I thought and as such our chat became part and parcel of the game. Eventually, we swopped telephone numbers and made contact with each other as it seems we had a lot in common. During one conversation we had, I mentioned we were having a BBQ and said why don't you come up, it will be a good weekend. The following weekend ricbeau got a flight from Southampton to Newcastle and ever since we have become very good friends. So much so that despite Richard moving away to live in Prague we have still kept in touch and I was delighted to be invited and attend his wedding last weekend. Good luck Richard and I have gave you the honour of being the subject of my first post. I hope you don't mind me publishing your wedding photo.


ricbea1 said...

I don't mind at all, I take it as a privilege. Thanks for coming over to Prague, It was cold, but a barrel of laughs.