Poker Player Tour Teeside

1st game back after my "experience" in Mallorca. Got back from Mallorca on the Tuesday after my insurance company flew a doctor out from gatwick to escort me back.
He arrived on the Monday and I met him at his hotel and suggested we go for a cup of tea n have a chat. As we were walking to the cafe in the village he was asking me things like " Has HE been resting" ? Has HE been sleeping OK ? Has HE been eating OK ? WTF I thought and said you do realise its me youve came to take home of which his reply was shock as he thought it was my Dad as I LOOKED SO YOUNG weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Did his examination and was happy I was fit to travel the next day and said he would pick me up from the apartment at 8.30 next morning. What you doing tonight I asked him and as he had no plans I suggested he join us in the local pub The Ship for the Monday night quiz. Always a medical question isnt there so thought an intelligent guy like him would be useful for our team. He duly obliged and we also took the quiz down by 1/2 point although the docs contribution was zero, so much so he didnt even know Barbara Knox was Rita Fairclough in Corras!!!

Arrived back safe & sound with front row seats on Sleasy Jet and even had the luxury of being collected at the airport and taken home in an ambulance.

Since Ive been home Ive obviously had lots of advice etc about stuff but at the end of the day its me and me only who really knows how i feel and to be honest I feel great and with the odd tweek here n there with the main things being working a few hours less and having a proper sleep pattern & routine and maybe eating slightly better with touch more exercise then I dont think theres much more I can do. Ill also pick & choose my poker better to make sure Im not up at crazy hours playing b ut that should be the easiest of them all to sort.

Anyway down to Gala Teeside for the Poker Player Tour and in for £12 through their online satellite at my 1st attempt. Not many down from NPF so nice to have some crack with Dan & Mark Trett and get sat next to Jonny Denton from the forum. Always found in these type of games a huge mixture of different types of players but my starting table was pretty tough with everyone very competent and added slowly but steady to my stack through 1st 2 levels. Level 3 saw me double up when my JJ flopped a tasty looking J 10 9 and with oppo commited with his stack on his bet it was all in on that flop with him holding KK which didnt find any of his outs. Always great when you have room to play and was chipping up easy and very active to always be well above average but you know whats round the corner and they soon came. I lost QQ v KK JJ v AJ ( rvr A ) 99 v 66 to take me back to my starting stack at the dinner break instead of being possibly chip leader with that bit of luck you need.
1st hand back from the break I make the nut flush over 2nd nut flush to dup and get my stack moving again in right direction until table break and some bad levels with very little happening.
3 tables left I dup but in this tournie & structure its very much shove poker with the average stack hardly ever above 10 bbs.
Into the cash with 14 left but have less than 10 bbs and when 13 left the TD makes a very strange decision. He asks me to move to the other table despite there being no need to move me.
2nd orbit on that table with all the big stacks there Im basically commited to shove atc and when I shove K3 blind on blind the BB calls with Q9 and despite me hitting my K he hits runner runner for the bot end straight to take me out in 13th for £220.
Enjoyed the game tbh and just needed to run that bit better in some vital hands to of had a very good chance of taking it down as was always comfy throughout the tournie.

Next game for me is this weekend with the NPF Championship at Circus Casino and then 2 weeks later will be travelling down to Luton for the APAT UK Team Event which is something I would so like to win for the NPF being so close twice before to taking it down.


stumpy said...

welcome home and back in the money wpwp