september review

Alreet Stumpy here,

Well I finally sorted out a decent mtt schedule, my morning session is on Pokerstars and I can reg in about 8 mtts ranging from $4 -$33 between 10am and 12 noon and my night time session is on willy hill and I can reg for about 8 between 6pm and 9.10pm buyins between $2r -$33.
I would of liked to add a couple of Stars donkaments on the night schedule but for some reason Stars freezes when I have willy hill running. I need to sort this out and and it will give me the mtts I want, not too big of fields but still a decent payout.
Got off to a flyer as the results below show-
stumpy831 51 $40 $11 403% $2,029
stumpyn 109 $18 $14 97% $1,941
Ran really well,and played well but I still feel I left alot of money behind due to my endgame not been up to scratch. I have worked hard on my online game mainly watching cardrunner vids free through full tilt so Ive decided to splash out and suscribe and watch some endgame vids.

Played 1 session of plo cash won $170

Horses - up $500 had a few decent price winners and with the jumps soon to get back in full swing hopefully carry on winning at betting in running.

Live- continued to run bad getting stacks, then losing the key flips near the final table, until i had a final table on friday £50 f/o 54 runners. 8 left i have 30 bbs when the sb shoves 20bbs with 102 v my aq he hits his 2 and i never really recover and donk off the rest of my chips to finish 8th.Playing well live so just got to run better. -1k ive included spain even tho mrs stumpy bought me in for my birthday.

This month we have the NPF championships followed by the APAT Team champs at Luton which I feel we have a really good chance of winning, hopefully they will put us up at a big price so we can win a few quid of the bookies.

keep on smiling stumpy