Roll on November

Alreet Stumpy here,

Busy month live starting out with the NPF championships and after finishing 17th and 7th the last 2 years i was hoping for a win but tbh never got going and all the decisions i made were the wrong ones, a big well done to Craig Mcdowall who won and i have to say he has to be 1 of the best mtt players in the toon at the mo wpwp.Also well done to Hazel "happydaze" Birchnall who finished 2nd and was 1 card away from victory its a shame there was a thread started which prolly took the shine off her efforts but all i can say is take no notice and keep grinding the profit wpwp.

Apat team event,had a great weekend at Luton with a great bunch of lads and Mrs Stumpy and was really disappointed we only had 2 left going into the points but to get 2 on the ft is a big acheivement. I eventually finished 8th losing ackc v 1010 aipf had a sweat on cc flop but no help

Well done to George "house shoes"Lawson who finished 5th going out ak v kj sigh ul but wpwp.

Also a big up for the hetton boys who only just missed out on a top 3 finish but were great fun all weekend.

Live- had a deep finish on friday when i finished 3rd for £440 in there £50f/o played great and went into the ft joint cl with jonny who has been crushing this mtt lately with his super aggro game which seems to be paying off at the mo so the plan was to sit tight and watch him knock everyone out lol.The plan was working fine until i butchered 2 hands v him but luckily i dup ak v aq of kenlock when we were down to 3 i shove qhjh and get called off other guy with kj q on the flop but k on the turn was the end of me hopefully these 2 fts are the start of the rungood.

Online - Ran awful this month and also made a few mistakes when very deep in a few but pretty pleased not to lose that much considering how bad Ive ran.

stars played 98 mtts for a $397 loss

ipoker played 55 for a $157 win

played 12 sngos on stars for a $143 win

live mtts +£142

cash 2 sessions - £60

horses + $30

So pretty much a break even month but felt near the end of the month the rungood was returning ......... hopefully

keep on smiling stumpy