It's been a while!

Cowhead here.
Well it's been a while since I blogged so thought I'd get on and do my annual review.
This year has been very stop start for me Poker wise. I've been concentrating on work stuff and online has taken a back seat for the most part.
To keep it brief highlights of the year really haven't really been very high but the NPF Team Championships went well for me personally. Again the dobbas took it down and I plced 4th individually falling to fellow dobba Paul Sewell after I made a mad push.
Day 1 was a breeze tbh, I was sober and a drink didn't pass my lips all day, I played tight for the most part (in true dobba nit style) only problems I had was with some kid from Ace of Clubs called Ty. He was pissed before the tourney actually started, got a big stack and totally ran over the table.
Day 2 I decided to have a few pints with a couple of team mates and Knerrad.
Big mistake, I reshoved out of turn with AA early on when a kid to my right was about to ship with 99 so I missed out on a juicey pot there. I made some other horrendous mistakes but none too damaging to my stack and like I said I donked out 4th when I felt I had a decent chance of taking it down. Only other memories of the day really was a superb performance from Buzz.
I haven't really played anything else live except for my Monthly Boldon 30 quid freeze out where I won the DTD league which I haven't played yet. Hopefully I'll get down there in January and obv bink that.
Hetton Thursday League has been another highlight for me,, I was invited by Gaz Scoop to play their League for the APAT which I squeezed into in the last League game.
That was largely uneventful at Dtd as I donked out in about 4 hours (obv too much to drink again)
Other than that I have played here and there online. Firstly Blair dog staked me earlier on in the year and returned him a few bob but spunked off my roll on FTP playing (again) drunk, still havent apologised for that yet but as I said I made him a few quid so not bad overall and even if I hadn't done that fucking LEDERER woulda had the twat anyway.
As for me personally online, It's been stop start for reasons already mentioned.
Had one or two 4 figure scores but all under 2k.
For most of the year I've made Silver star on stars without putting much in and might try and play a lot more next year but not sure what I want to play yet, whether it be sngs or mtts or a mix.
I've been trialling cash this last 2 weeks but I think it's given me a brain tumour. What a grind it is. Hats of to all cash grinders out there, you have to be nuts to do that imo.
Next up for me is the Smoggies League Live Final in a few weeks time. Im in a decent starting position after a few wins and a few extra starting chips, again, obv I'm gonna ship that.
The crack in the games online on Wednesday nights have been good and will be a special day to see all the lads together and have a laugh.
After that I think I'm calling it a day for the rest of the year. A nice break and Xmas is on the agenda then back on it in January.
Take care and be lucky and have a Great Xmas all.