When the boat came in

Alreet Stumpy here,

Went to a rugby reunion and had a canny day loads to drink and plenty of old time crack my favourite story was hazzas, after one game wed had a few pints and called into the halfway house pub and it was abit cold and we were all sitting round chatting when hazza picks up a bar stool and smashes a leg off and throws it in the fire everyone just looked in amazement as the stool leg bounced off the imitation coal fire and bounced onto the floor.lol.

live poker -Only played twice live due to having toothache most of the month couldnt be arsed to play or do much tbh had 1 ft for 8th.

Online poker -Had an 8th in the £100 f/o on skypoker ukops event ran kk into aa then finished 22nd in the ipoker 200kg i satted in for $22 and got $1145 reshipped with aj into aa doh.
Apart from those results ran like shit or played bad, im blaming my toothache well you have to blame something.

Staking-Had samj over at mine for a grind and he chopped the $11r on stars for $5.2k which i got half he played a couple of more session without any joy and has since obtained a fulltime staker so good luck with that sam. The only leaks he has now have nothing to do with poker as his game is top notch.He just needs to stop the brainfarts and hes ganna crush imo.

Horses-Break even for the month in running betting, but blew $500 betting pre race on the breeders cup.

live mtts - £80 played 2

live cash - £120 1 session

online mtts +$ 1,047 played 135

staking +$2,400

horses - $500

Played about 16 hours of 50/1 plo 6 max cash for a small profit as ive been thinking about a new challenge next year but we will see.

Keep on smiling stumpy.