The titanic didnt sink?

Alreet Stumpy here,

I put some money in skypoker for there ukops events which i felt were good value as most of the fields were made up of sat qualifiers, eventually only got to play the saturday night a £20r which i went out straight nd flush draw v top pare no kicker and the £100 f/o which i finished 8th for £652 kk v aa then on the monday night it was the 1st aspers qual for the sky poker tour which is always a good day ie plenty booze and crack.
Binked the seat first attempt weeee as did ridla who came on msn to say wp and we got chatting about a few things when samjs name came up and i said you mean The Titanic he cruises along owning the mtt fields then hits the iceburg and sinks without trace.I did say this half in jest but its amazing what fate brings as samj comes to mine the next day and chops the $11 r on stars 4 handed for $5.2k which i got a good % of weeeee.I have to say samj played awesome poker and i only had to calm him down a couple of times lol.

Live ive only played twice so far this month finished 9th in circus £50 f/o shoved c/off with 12 bigs ran into 99 then didnt cash in aspers £100 f/o.

Horses had a couple of bad days and for some reason decided to do a breeders cup spin up and busted account fookin dickhead so - $800 but ive scraped back $300 so far betting in running if i can get anywhere near even for month will be over the moon.

The titanics coming back to mine tomorrow hoping for a repeat of last week haha

keep on smiling stumpy