June review, What a donkey

Alreet Stumpy here,

After having 4 online fts this month it should of been a good month but after running bad on the fts I had a 4th,8th,6th and 9th I then decide to have another cash blowout and piss most of my mtt winnings away. ontop of that I decide to bet on the flat betting prerace which is impossible to win at and i blow my roll luckily I had withdrew alot of the winnings so im not reloading until the jumps starts again.

Fulltilt closing is a complete disaster as this year i have worked hard on my mtt game and I felt I had a great chance to ft every session I played and its hard switching sites, but got off to a good start on 888.com ft in my 1st session but only lasted 1 hand jj into aa for a small cash played few more times and it feels just as soft as fulltilt so hopefully have a good 1st month on 888.com Got about $1500 on fulltilt so hopefully it will be back up and running soon.

Live I only played 4mtts ukipt m/e and the charity game 1 small cash but this was covered by Samjs win the week before when I staked him into the circus game so about even for the month

Im off to sheffield this Thursday for the GUKPT Summer Series Im going to play the £200 side event on Thursday probably have the Friday night off then play the m/e on the Saturday which I won a seat into.

live mtts -£592

live cash -£40

online mtts -+ $525

online cash -$600

staking + £500

horses - $740

Take away the online cash and disaster on the horses it would of been a canny month oh well live and learn I hope lol.

keep on smiling stumpy


Daniel Trett said...

Even the greatest have losing months from time to time Peter, nevermind mate chin up.

Poker play the Soap way said...

Might have found someone worse than me at sports betting ;) -

stumpy said...

yup agreed soaps. well pre race anyway