Hi Kids,

Bit of an update as i havent blogged for a while. Havent played much live or online;

Live- won/split a couple of badly attended/poor prizepools at stans- wednesday three weeks ago including a seat for tuesaday game which came to nothing when I got a typical beat; reraise utg raiser with AA, he called without right odds then shoved his set on flop with me committed. Altogether woeful standard and you just need good hands to stand up in these field so no real disappointment there. Split headsup on friday at stans but only 20 runners made it a washout, and upset loads of ppl being a prick when drunk (for a change). Also broke all four of resolutions posted below many times. Actually played pretty well tho and always getting my money in good. If i could combine the tough solid play of sober and fearless aggression drunk without the blowing money on bluffs may have a bit more success :).

Online blew 1700 on stars drunk rolled up from nothing; was inevitable tho as I only used the account when drunk and tilted like crazy. Went back to play $100 HU elsewhere and am 314/500 games overall for 4 months (lazy I know) there for a sweet profit (altho obv that rate is pretty unsustainable) and really should play more volume then I have there. My inability to multitable effectively effects my volume and potential profits pretty harshly. My step to 200 HU yielded 46/100; obv not enough to give up if taken serious but dont see the need to continue there.

Had some real luck sports betting where Ive turned the 1K sitting there into around about 4200; basically backing the outsider with at times little knowledge. (I often feel backing the outsider in a HU is +EV as odds are often far too long considering the luck involved). Also early in the year is a good time for badly made books eg darts and american football, ppl offer far too long odds on outsiders who canbe laid off later.

Thats about it; still working (need the structure tbh but its really getting old now)

much love