APAT Team game etc

NPF team all prepared for trip to G Manchester and the APAT Team Event which we were all looking forward to very much. We even had a great crew of railers coming down for the laugh and crack so with nearly 35 booked was looking like being some do.
Bad news 1 is a huge character on the NPF and team captain of the Walkers Sensation Gaz Walker has to pull out late from trip and unknown to me and most others his Mam had been suffering from terminal cancer and he had been given the terrible news it could be anytime and obviously couldnt risk being away incase anything happened.
Bad news 2 came as you have no doubt read below from Stumpy arriving at my place only to receive phone call from Mrs Stumpy with terrible news about her Dad and obviously he simply couldnt travel either and i know how much he was looking forward to the trip.
Both above are obviously horrible news but as well as being one of the Dobbas Ive became very very good mates with Stumpy over the last year since we went on the CPC Cruise together and also his Mrs so its horrible when ya see them having to face such shit news.

Me S2C and Jimmy Chipmunk eventualy get away and make it in good time on a trouble free run with the superb sounds of Alicia Keys on replay through the CD. New York gets Chipmunks vote for re play after replay from her album. Met with the news that Gaz Walkers mam had died yet still texts are received from him and Stumpy wishing us all the best of luck. Highlights again what quality people are involved at the NPF.

APAT Team game involved 20 teams of 8 because of restricted numbers with points scored form 40 players in. 10k stack on 45 min clock and a super super grind of a game ahead but I was in action from the start. 1st hand AhQh from in position and my raise loses 2 limpers but the BB makes it up. Safe flop and cbet takes it down. 2nd hand QQ and my raise gets 2 calls to the BB who makes it 750. I re pop to 2200 and after long tank he folds telling me laters he had AK. Hands kept coming and soon grew stack to 14000 and maintained it as we moved through the levels. AA late pos got no action together with KK then on level 200/400 with 25 find QQ again but 2nd position rock had opened strong so decide to see the flop which comes 10 10 2. His weak bet convinced me AK or medium pair and with me having him well covered I put him all in which after a few dramatics and groans he calls flipping KK. No help for me and Im back to field with 8k. Next orbit on 300/600 with 50 blind on blind I raise with AJs to get re popped so fold to guy showing me AK. Soon after killer hand when once again I pick up QQ and make it 1500 to play but guy on my left makes it 3500. AA KK is screaming in my head but with so little chips behind now I decide I cant fold and shove hoping for AK or even JJ but hes sitting AA and Im gone 1st for team which tbh took me a couple of hours to recover from being so disappointed.
The game is so dull at these stages so get a spot at the cash table and even get one of our lads down on the rail to reg me for the 9.00 £10 £10 in house game tournament. I soon take down a couple of nice pots on cash and leave when the tournie starts around £160 up. The tournie was certainly an eye opener with the usual mixture of pure novice and commentating specialists littered around the tables. The main APAT game is due to finish at 1.30 am and around 1.00 S2C comes to tell me we still got 6 left as they near the points bubble and we are favs to take it down. 15 mins later it all changes as we lose 3 players just short of the points and are left with only 3 coming back next day. They all go back to hotel leaving me and another of our lads in the £10 £10 and S2C decides to stay along with another of the lads playing cash.
Eventually at 5.30am I take the tournie down for just under £400 and Glen takes 5th. Its 6.00am getting back to hotel and dont rise till after 12.00 next day making our way back to the G for day 2.

Spot the famous Sean Mcguiggan from this picture

Day 2 is railing day and looking at whos left we still bang in with a shout of taking this down. As the players fall we eventually lose Cardguard leaving Jimmy Chipmun and Sean McGuigan then Sean loses a massive pot with 14/15 left making a good call ahead with 66 for shoving stealer to flip 9c6c. Killer 9 hits and soon after we lose Sean shipping early with AJ to meet 2 better hands waiting behind him. Last player standing and at virtually the same time Chipmunk raise big for BB to ship but Chipmunk is easily pot committed and snap calls with AK. BB flips KsJs and then flops the 2nd nut flush to cripple Chipmunk to less than 1 BB behind with him in the BB next hand. Dont want to take his thunder so will let him tell his own story but basically he makes a typical Dobba recovery playing his heart out with the rail of the century supporting him to finish an amazing 2nd place and clinching 3rd place for the team.

Great performance mate and great weekend had by all and big shout out to the very special rail that created a superb atmosphere from what would of otherwise been a very dull final table.


Daniel Trett said...

Good TR Dave & VWP all NPF representatives & particulary the one & only Jimmy C. ;-)