Poker Stars Blogger Championships

No Limit Hold’em January 25 17:00 ET 1034/1740

Think I got the craziest table ever with some guy shipping all in every other hand and standard opener of 12 X BBs. Bust out on flush draw after getting involved in a hand on the BB I shouldnt of been in

Pot Limit Omaha January 26 17:00 ET 53/1634

Deep run but donked out late on with terrible bluff followed by really bad call after being in very good position to finish top 10 for a $16.50 Scoop Ticket. Guy donked chips to with the bad call went onto win it.

No Limit Hold’em January 27 18:00 ET 1365/1843

Im A9 in sb with just under starting stack and button single raises on 4k with the BB sitting out. I had decided not to sit around early doors so chips or bed ship it in for him to snap me off with Qc9c. 9 high flop but runner runner club gives him his flush. WPWP o( Dont ya just love stars!!!!

No Limit Hold’em January 28 18:00 ET 77/1876

Got a playable stack early doors doubling through with AK over QQ which housed up and then enjoyed the early to mid stages with wide variety of hands n interesting pots. Soon as Can Only Get Better went to bed the gutter shit came hand after hand and it was basically a chore to drag over the line with every pot taking ages as tramps timed out in order to get a $11 Scoop Ticket. Eventually shipped flopping top pair 3 handed from my BB but big stack sb had limped in with KK n ckd the flop wpwpwp!!!!

8-Game Mix January 29 19:00 ET 1201/1536

mmmmmmmmmm lets just say it was an experience while it lasted !!!!!!

No Limit Hold’em January 30 15:00 ET 432/1939

Yo yo game up and down with never really getting amongst it. Eventually standard stuff of AK v QQ which misses.

Main Event

The 2010 WBCOOP Main Event January 31 15:00 ET 1123/2062

After total crap after crap I flop 2nd nut flush with KhQh but 4th heart give AJ the nut flush. Get away with minimal damage then pick up 10 10 on BB. Guy min raises from c/o so I 3 bet him which he flats. Flop of 724 and I ship and last 2k for him to snap off with KK. Poor finish compared to last years 29th but at least I get an early night which is needed for a very very very busy week with big time headache new kitchen going in.