Oh Shit It can only get better hopefully!!

Alreet Stumpy here.

Sky poker was my first game of the year,never really got going but it all came down to ak v qq aipf no help and i was out.

It was a good day and some great crack with mono,teamdobb,chipmonk,roscopiko,bgr,mugpunt and many more npfers, one being queitman who cashed but just missed out on ft wp.In tourney sat next to guy from Ashington and when he was allin TK came over and said whats ya sky name he says tug135 he wins the allin and I say ya called tug cos ya built like a tugboat?he says no me mates called me tug cos everytime they called on me I was having a tug!!!!to much info man lol.

The next game was the new circus league tuesday which is now £20£20 game,1st hand flatted a raise from a loose player with kk flop 762 ch raise him and ships allin I call and he shows aa nice start but battle on till 18 left and get jj raise and rock ships praying its ak but nope he shows qq and im out, luckily mrs stumpy finshes 5th 99v kq aipf k on flop for £110 and some good points in the league.

My next game was the apat team championships at Manchester, and after been selected to play for the npf was really looking forward to it, I set off on Friday afternoon to meet teamdobb who was driving, just before I arrive at teamdobbs my mobile rings its mrs stumpy, they have just been told her dad has cancer,hes been in hospital for 3 weeks,so I carry on to see teamdobb and explain theres no way I can go as I need to stay and support Kaz.Gutted to miss it but theres more important things in life than poker.

Keep on smiling stumpy.


TEAMDOBB said...

huge miss mate but like you say much more important things

you may have little legs but you got massive shoulders for Kaz to lean on and thats the most important thing. Be strong cos life can be shit at times. If ya need owt mate and best wishes

stumpy said...

cheers ty

mag1892 said...

some sad times lately for the npf , my best wishes to you and kaz m8 , like dc says big miss , also if u ever need owt.

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

sorry to hear about the awful news Peter like the other lads said you only need to pick up the phone if you need anything

Daniel Trett said...

Hope you come through the hard times stronger M8, my thoughts are with you, Karen, & your family. xxx