Stumpys 2009 review

Alreet Stumpy here,

At the start of the year I deposited $600 into Full Tilt. The plan was to play sngos until my roll got to $2k I could then add in mtts, so started playing 4x $20 9 seaters 1x $10 45s and 1x$24 which went really well and by the end of July was upto $5.3k. Then when I came back off my hols with my knackered knee, still on the sick and awaiting my op date, so had even more time to play.

I had noticed I was getting left behind in the big online mtt fields so watched some vids from Cowhead which really helped plug some leaks and within a week I had 3 fts, only trouble was, this seemed to effect my sngo play which took a while for me to realise but sorted it out in the end,was upto 10k by Oct the 10th,then went on a horrible run on Full Tilt, didnt matter what I did I lost, cant complain really as had good run all year.Turned out too be a bit of luck as I was that pissed off I went on Stars where I had $58 lying and I have turned this into 5k mainly due to one mtt the $33 10kg which starts at 11am I did 3 way chop $2.5k, 3rd 1.8k and 5th for $900.So my final total was just over $14k profit which was double my target so very happy with that.

Played about 3000 sngos and mtts which is less than I hoped for, but with Mrs Stumpy getting hooked on poker I had to play live a bit more than I would have done but have enjoyed watching her pick the game up and quite proud to see her make a profit in her 1st full year.

Talking about live I never kept a record last year ,1st time I havent, as like I said didnt expect to play that much but made a profit, if I had to guess probs about 3k.

Plans for this year are keep going down the sngo mtt route but I now have bigger moniter and can play more tables, 9 I can do comfy but hope to end off doing 12,install and learn to use the the poker aids that are out there(been saying that for months now lol)

Live ganna try to play some of the bigger mtts but tbh cant be arsed to travel but you never know Teamdobb might drag me to some haha.

Hopes for 2100 are be happy, enjoy life and enjoy my poker.

Keep on smiling Stumpy.


TEAMDOBB said...

staking 50% PLO live ftw !!!!!

GL for the New Year

Daniel Trett said...

N1, WD Stumpy GR8 ROI M8. KUTGW ;-)

Ridla said...

Keep up the good work Stumps.. your roll will increase much quicker if you follow me aboot from casino to casino.

Roll on 2100..

roscopiko said...


nice year, more of the same for 2010 i hope glglglgl

TEAMDOBB said...

deffo good advice by Ridla

mag1892 said...

wp stumpy.:)

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Awesome stumpy i reckon you will be a millionaire by the end of 2100

Keep up the good work

Tingate said...

Very nice results Stump, i predict a big score this year ;)

Samj said...

Well played mate good review and long may the binking continue.