To Infinity & Beyond

Funny how a few days can change the direction of someone so quickly.

Played the Friday G game mainly to meet up with couple of Dobbas I hadnt seen for ages in Phlmc and Xenocode. Get same table but lose 1st stack after raising with 66 for Xeno and young lad to come along. Flop of 689 and my re raise is re popped and has me getting all my money in as Xeno folds an overpair for young lad to flip 57. I then lose with straight over straight and flush over flush to take an early bath so decide to head over to circus for their £20/£20.

Get sat on Mark Tretts table and few other other NPF ers and its canny crack tbh. Tretts obv doing his customary crushing of the table and running his normal Trett way when picking up monstas he finds someone wanting to donate. Mark gets moved as we go to 2 tables and our table is joined by an old pal of mine who I aint seen for ages in John Devlin. Closing in on final table and we lose John as I hit a rush of hands that the board wants to slap me in the face with so get nicely chipped up and dont really want the final table bubble to end as Im simply picking up such easy chips. We eventually go to the 9 handed final table but only 6 getting paid although its only top 2 where any sort of return is. Not the best of seats tbh but made worse by the constant limping of seat 3 and Im slowly getting frustrated at my shit Im being dealt and his play. We only lose 1 player and every shortie is getting stacked up with their shoves when I find 88 on the button playing only about 12 bbs. Mr Limpy Dan comes in and I ship it for his instant call holding 99 and leave after with zero, fuck all zilch!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty sure Mark wudda took this down and was in complete control of the table when I left

Get talking to Roscopiko online and he points me to some extra value footy prices on Betfair to which I invest in with the intention of backing to lay in play. So close in alot of them tbh and my initial investment shows a small £65 profit although a shame Liverpool couldnt hold for the draw.

Sunday proves to be a lazy day doing fook all just mainly messing with the forum when notice around 5.00pm young Buzz ( Neil Harvey)has put a staking request up for a spread of MTTs on stars totally an investment request of $210 with a 60/40 return in favour of the backer. I decide to take the lot as Buzz is one of best young players in Newcastle tbh but simply needs some good Dobba dosh on his back to help run a bit better. I get in touch with fellow Dobba Stumpy to see if he wants part of this action as he is deffo a staking pro and hes snaps me off for 50/50 on the full total.
Early MTTs soon go the way of most on stars and its not looking good apart from the $35k guaranteed where Buzz has got himself some sort of stack to play with. Eventualy at 3.30am he finishes in 4th spot for a cool $7264.60 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wpwpwpwp Mr Harvey. Easy game this fkn poker mullarky and hope its the injection you need Buzz to change your luck