thats my boy

Alreet stumpy here,
headed down to Teeside for the "freeroll sat for the £550 Coral Masters main event me Mrs Stumpy and Craig "big stumpy" newton.The game was a free sit down 2k chips then £20 £20 £20 for 4k 4k 6k rebuys which created a massive 159 runners and 11 seats.I bought Craig in for 50%.I got to the break with 18k £20 spend with 2 dups ist one i ch rased fd allin and get there on the turn, 2nd one was aa v kk.After the break i creep up to 23k then i get moved tables and get very few spots until with about 50 left i ship with a8 called off jj no help and im gone.I head for the £2£2 plo cash tables and sit down with £100 run like god and when mrs stumpy was knocked out on the bubble (she was gutted ) I was £610 up and Craig had got his seat oh so nearly a perfect night. mtt _£20 cash + £610

friday 10th sept £200 f/o Teeside.

Get a lift down off Teamdobb started with 7.5k in chips but quickly lose half my stack with missed straight draw and top, top.Then John Bousefield raises ct law ships allin I have ak and move my last 3k in the middle ct law has a8 and hits the straight on the river so again I head to the cash tables waiting for Teamdobb no plo yet so sit at 50p- £1 nlh.lose 1st buyin £100 with kk v aa aipf was down to about £60 by this hand came about.Reload and recover losses when this hand comes up.i join the limpers with 10d 7d bb raises to £12 I call young chinese kid calls who had played awful but got really lucky 3 times,so flop 965 r bb bets £12 i call chinese calls turn 6 it goes ch ch chinese bets £10 bb folds i call rvr 7 i ch he goes allin for £55 i call and he mucks.So back to level and plo table opens so sit down with £100 3rd hand I have jj 99 ds I limp the straddle then dave maudlin makes it £40 i caller i ship my £83 and get 4 more allins pot is about £330 and i win with j high flush on a paired board weeeee a couple of hours later and Teamdobb comes over just missing the money and I come off £480 up.

mtt _£220 cash +£480

saturday 11th sept coral masters main event 10k stack 1hour clock

I pick up Teamdobb and Roscopiko and also joined by my son big stumpy whose playing his 1st big buyin event,We arrive and meet up with other NPFers Card Guard Kid,Nutflush,Dan and Mark Trett,Chipmunk and Russ the Suit.1st table and im with Cardguard so the 1st couple of hours is spent chatting about the racing and footy and the old guy who flats a raise with a10 on a1010 42 board and villain shows aa!! wow, i say how do you just flat there he says Ive been playin along time son, I said weve only been playing 2 hours !Still about ss and get moved tables where i hit trip 2s and ch raise flop only for villain to tank fold aj on a 762 board lol.then im moved to the feature table where Rocky Gupta a very good teeside player is on his 4th bottle of wine and crushing the table until the 5th bottle tips him over the edge he had 93kish when ave was 17k.he proceeds to double up Dave Maudlin twice and me aj v his 108 he still has about 40kish when he 4bet shoves Mark Trett with 10 7 and hes out when Marks kk holds.I then lose a few chips trying to bluff Marc Foggin b on b when he hit ace on the river and then this hand i raise btton with ak Dave Maudlin calls in the bb and chs dark flop qcjh4h i ch behind ah on the turn dave chs i bet 3k he calls rvr 2c dave chs again i think about betting but dont like it and ch he shows qj ouch so now down to 11bb and find the spot to ship with j9 in the c off Teamdobb calls with aq flop qjx x j and I get a lucky dup.the night ends not long after with me 22.6k 18 left out of 91 runners.Teamdobb has 70ish,Roscopiko 70ish,Mark Trett 55ish and Craig has 54k so 5 NPFers left out of 18.had some great crack on the way home with everyone in the car still in with a chance to win 14k 1st prize.

sunday 12th sept coral masters last 18

We sit down and Im on the same table as Craig and Teamdobb and im just waiting for a spot to ship in as blinds 1k 2k then i cant wait any longer and ship q 10 utg and it gets thro then 2 hands later im sb and button raises i ship with a9 and he calls with q10 for 15.5k more flop aqj x q so gutted and head off to find Teamdobb who i knew would be gutted with himself for his exit find him just about to throw himself in front of bus haha so we head back and watch Craig crush the table and when the ft comes round he is 2nd in chips with 210k Mark is cl with 220k and Rosco has 70ish.the ft craig lost a few chips then lost flip 99 v aq.then loses more when he 4bets Rosco who ships allin and Craig folds.He ends off shipping 80k with kj and runs into aq and hes out in 6th for £2230.A little disapointing after big stack on ft but a really great effort to qualify for £40 and then ft 1st big tourney and had loads of players come upto me and say he was a nitemare to play against and he played really well.hes deffo improving fast.Rosco finished 4th and Mark was 2nd wp boys.

mtt £550 50% of craig +£1115

Had 2% of brenos who finished 5th in EPO in London for 40k which retuned me £815 for a $107 stake just an awesome result wp brenos