Its a hard life

Well fellow bloggers its been a while since i blogged and after a brief telephone convo with Teamdobb yesterday i was kind of inspired to blog as way of maybes an explanation to ' the quiet me' some people have commented on.

Firstly this year started great for me january was a good month and plans had been made for me to buy out my co director of my business which i did using all of my rainy day fund but confident that i would be much better off long term as the business would go in the direction i wanted and i could impliment my own ideas. This worked and feb through to may saw my turnover grow and the future looked rosey - then bang i get 3 weeks notice that im gonna lose 50% of my incoming work from 30th June due to my client being bought out by a bigger company and that company already using someone else. Then 5 weeks later i learn that the other 50% of my work needs the service level contacts re negociating as its also under the new company and these negociations end up with me realising that its just a way of dropping me without having to pay any compensation that would be due to me for terminating my exsisting contract. This has lead to a very stressful last 10 weeks as they currently owe me £76500 and as all big companies they are holding off paying and avoiding contact. I do have 2 cars and some equipment of theirs and i am holding these to ransom - but its a stressful time as i am now desperately trying to gain some new clients but in my industry its a slow process. I have got some new ' irons in the fire' but at this moment its a strange time as ive been in business for 15 years and i feel a little lost and its affecting my mindset and personality and after DC's comment to me yesterday that i seem a little withdrawn i thought i would explain why.

Poker wise not too much to report travelled to leeds 2 months ago to play in the yorkshire cup - A £250 buy in tourney that ended up with 50 runners and was a great structured game and was very happy with my final 4th placed finish as was a quality field including keith hawkins and tom middleton and just last weekend i travelled to teeside for the coral masters in which i ended up busting out at 400 - 800 level with about 30ish left with my now customary bad running losing 2 massive pots one with KK v 10 10 and one with AK v AQ. massive congrats to mark trett - a top bloke and really nice guy for his 2nd place, rosco and big stumpy for very impressive final table showing.

The future is exciting forum and poker wise, we have the NPF championships to look forward to for which im a shoe in(use smoggies league 1st year to work out why) and also the return of the NPF news as a monthly show which will be in a slightly different format and im sure will have something to appeal to most NPF members.

In general life its dawns 40th birthday on 30th September and as most of you know there is a party for her on saturday the 2nd October at Durhams county cricket ground and if you are not aware then you are more than welcome to join us - it starts at 7pm and we are looking forward to seeing you all there.

Well sat here typing while the footy is on and dont look too good for the syndy!!!!!!!!!!

stay happy



TEAMDOBB said...

chin up matey, ya work too hard to fail and your too smart as well

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Got to agree with DC here....what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...keep doing what your doing

stumpy said...

keep at it cg, it will all come good glgl