Different World

Well Im back from my jaunt across the globe to see my daughter in Dubai and thought Id do a write up of my trip as my poker activity and write ups are very limited these days.

She emigrated there with her boyfriend in April and this has been our 1st chance to get across and visit her. Me and the Mrs were picked up by them on arrival and after getting quickly through customs we were soon sitting on their balcony in their apartment 23 floors up looking over the Dubai Marina. Amazing site to be honest and the heat even in the early hours of the morning was very humid to say the least especially for the time of year it is.

People read so many things about Dubai mainly the do and donts and some of the shall we say strange laws etc they have but when your there its not really noticeable and a lot is very much the same as home. Well I say that but its soon very apparent that you certainly get rewarded for working hard here and they take no crap from anyone that decides they want to make their own laws. The law is the law and over the time we spent there you see zero crap from drunks etc and people treat people with respect and in a virtually zero crime rate you always feel safe.
This was highlighted on one of our 1st days when my daughter and her boyfriend went into a local mall to do some free fall sky diving in a simulator and were asked to remove all jewellery. On coming out we were on our way to get a snack when my daughter noticed her diamond engagement ring and earrings were missing from the sun glass case she had put them in her handbag. We retraced our foot steps and there on the floor outside the Sky Dive place in the middle of a very busy mall were her earings and engagement ring just lying on the floor. On another occasion she left her mobile telephone lying on a table in a restaurant and when going back hours later it was still sitting there where she had left it. When you think of the present state our country is in and the recent campaigns going on about getting people back to work and making it not possible to receive more in benefits than actually when your working it makes you realise how different a place like Dubai is. If your of no use to the place then your not allowed in. The whole place is very much motivated by the desire to succeed and theres no place there for scroungers and those who think they are owed a living or should have everything given to them on a plate. The result is a totally different and more respectful place to live where people respect each other and what they achieve.

We shopped, lazed around in the apartment and by the pool, did a lot of eating and drinking which included a sail down the creek on a floating restaurant and grew my oversized belly somewhat and the highlight of the trip from a tourist point of view was our extravagant afternoon tea at the worlds only 7 star hotel The Burg Al Arab.

A truly amazing place where entry is only available by being a resident staying there or by booking a meal in one of their eateries. £15000 for 10 days was not the sort of place I stay at so instead we opted for “ Afternoon Tea” in the roof top restaurant. At 395 dirhams per head ( approx £75 ) its actually worth every penny and even more. Your pampered with attention from your arrival and all through about 3 hours of eating in pure luxury with views that take your breath away and design and modern architecture of the highest standard all around you.

Theres even a special whiskey served in that roof top bar for…………………. £3000 per shot!!!!!!
I even blagged them it was my birthday and was presented with a special chocolate cake treat featuring one candle and a special card!!

Anyway back to reality and the grey clouds and cold of the UK


Brenos said...

Nice post, looks (and sounds) like quite a place!

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

£3000 a shot!! wouldnt like to buy a round in there :)

Anonymous said...

Glad this has turned into a teamdobbs travel blog - Caribbean, Vegas, Spain, Dubai... Sure beats poker.....

Enjoyed the post and look forward to hearing about the land of luxury first hand.

And what is it with your kids forgetting or losing things?!


mulhuzz said...

nice life td. looks amazing :D