Getting Closer

Alreet Stumpy here,

Getting closer to the online scoop. Finished 4th in the $10 superstack on full tilt $1429 then 8th in the 42k g $24 for $1393.Not complaining with 3k in 3 days also I deffo feel Im getting better and better in these mtts and feel I know where I stand in most spots now which makes it whole lot easier to get chips and preserve them.

Live Ive only played 3 times since last blog all in the circus £20 £20 dc games and Ive come 10th for £20 when I got no cards and dont know how I finished 10th tbh,then fin 7th for £80 after going to the ft with a healthy stack only to lose 1010 v aj aipf flop ajj 10 j sik and a early exit when I had ak v qq no help and out.

Sitngos ended making about $700 for the month after having 2 horror days but recovered well just got a keep grinding and squeezing the profit out which keeps you freerolling in the mtts.

Ive got 2 weeks hols coming starting this Wednesday so hopefully get a chance to play a load of mtts,heres hoping for loads more fts

Went to the knee specialist and hes going to do another anthroscopy op as they still havent found the cause for my knee pain hopefully this time it will work and I get fit enough to be able to return to the golf on the upside I will be off another 6-8 weeks recovering so loads more poker haha.

keep on smiling stumpy


Ridla said...

I bet they love yee @ work.. wpwpwp

Brenos said...

Noticed you've been doing well lately, wpwp.

The 42k GTD on FTP is insane, it's nearly a 100k GTD once late reg is over. Been regularly getting final 10% myself but no FTs yet.

kutgw :)

stumpy said...

aye work canny plzed with giving me time off again lol

aye was 99k pot unreal over 4k runners didnt realise till about 100 left
thx guys