The Ups & Downs of Poker!!!

Alreet Stumpy here,

After a great run winning £3.5k from staking and $3k from 2 fts on full tilt I ran really bad for a few days so I was about to start a session when I thought hold on its 11.00am my lucky mtt on stars is about to start, problem was I had no money in stars got onto msn and swapped some $$$ from Knerrad he says good luck I think you will finish 5th!

I thought random thing to say but oh well he is a Radgie.I make the ft mainly by 3 betting the same villain 3 times and the 4th time hed had enough and called me with A9 good job I had AA.Theres 5 left when Im on button with 10 10 and I raise sb bigstack 3 bets and shorty on BB flats. I reship for 200k sb folds and BB tank calls after realising hes put a 1/3 of his stack in he has KJ and hits J on the rvr.Im out 2 hands later in 5th place for $880. Wow 5th well played Gypsy Rose Knerrad.

Then I have my once or twice a year cash blowup blowing $500 at rush poker and then $800 on PLO after running really bad in sngos. Keep saying its the last time I do this but this is really the last time lol.

Back to the ups and Mrs Stumpy did a 2 way chop in the £50 f/o at Circus for her biggest cash for £1100. There was an added prize of a £1300 package at the Palm Casino London and she had big cl headsup but lost 3 key hands K10 v 99 J10 v 56 33 v 88 aipf and missed out on the bonus prize. Good luck to Nemisis when he plays at the Palms.I also got to ft in this event finishing 8th my JJ no good v BGRs QQ for £170.

keep on smiling Stumpy