Annette likes our song !!!!

This aint a wind up its totally 100% genuine.

Last night James Lewis AKA Teaboydobbs aka Karen33000 from blog got in touch with me all excited. He plays betfair as Teamdobb and was on $2/$5 cash when low and behold the betfair pro/sponsored player Annette Obrestad comes to the table. James being James gets cracking onto her and starts going on about the NPF and more so about the video songs that are featured on Youtube. She onlys goes and watches them thinking they were hilarious and even left a comment at that section on Youtube weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Although shes been asked she hasnt signed up as a member YET!


Anonymous said...

I've heard she has a blog. Anyone got the addy?

TEAMDOBB said...

TEAMDOBB said...

her link is in list now on right hand side of main page