Turning Tides of Poker

Hello all its 4.07am and I have just had a lovely bottle of "old rosie" cloudy scrumpy 7.5% very nice it is too I recomend it to Karen33000 for dutch courage when she sorry HE bumps into a fox again.

Its been a while since I last posted so I am feeling a little guilty after mad dog gypos comments in a previous post even tho I know he was talking about the other dobbers.

Anyhows after going through a blackhole which lasted for a couple of months i popped my cherry in none other than the £20 freezeout at Aspers on a Friday night which is nothing short of a mad drug induced frenzy of piranha's,goldfish,crocodiles and sensible poker players(ahem) I wont bore you with the details mainly because I cant remember them but I got very lucky when I called an all in with 99 against a guy who was shoving with any 2 but had KK this time and flippin hell a 9 on the river,weeeeeeeeee 1st bit of luck for ages I seriously thought I would never win again and after that the confidence restored I stole a few doubled up with a couple of premium hands and next thing i am chopping 3 ways for with me receiving £470 and 2 others who incidentally I have been very impressed with every time I have been on there table receiving £460,Daniel Spiller and Tony Johnstone are there names and I am pretty confident we will see 1 or both of these guys getting a biggy soon.
The following week I finaled in both the saturday £50 freezout taking a 4 way chop and the following day finaling in the sunday £50,50,50 where I was short stack going in and after somebody limped on the button and only me in sb and bb in pot I had k10 and k high board I decided to play and button had kq,goodnight but I am not to sad as I made the final which is always my 1st priority.At the moment I am playing 2 many tournys so I am going to knock the 20 minute clocks on the head as they are just to frustrating when you get chips only to be antied away or put out by a dubious call.

Last night I played the the £50 freezeout and managed to steer myself into a 5 way chop for £400 at 4am which at the end was a bit of a joke with push,push and push some more killing the game and making the deal a wise move,also unlucky to Teamdobb who played as solid as ever but just unlucky to run his 99 into Darren(virgin) Lavericks QQ when 17 left.

good luck at the tables all


TEAMDOBB said...

Good Post mate and glad to see your tide turn as I knew it would. Had feeling you would go deep in that £50 Thursday provided you could cope with the odour distractions surrounding you.
p.s. Lavericks a lucky bastard that always seems to double at vital times and it was a total gutter for me committed to putting rest of my stack in after raising and trust him to be sitting there with tham twats.

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

ty the odour distractions become unbearable but luckily i found qq when the soap dodger button raised with Ad6d.
I went to final table nigh on chip leader but lost 45% of my stack when i raised with AQ and gaz walker couldnt put down 99 luckily mr laverick helped me out with his A10 running into my AJ but Super Daz had a spell of 8/10 where he picked up a a pair or big A and he had to show as he eliminated 4 players