Teamdobb moves into Sponsorship

August has brought some interesting movements in the Teamdobbs blog.
A small section of the 9 are just not bothering their arses at all with any input and as such Gypos took the bull by the horns and put a post up the other day in that if the 3 concerned dont get theor fingers out and at least post something then there getting the boot. Its a cruel world we live in unfortunately 0;). ONE FKN POST is all we are asking-get ya fingers oot man. Replacements waiting in the wings with anticipation.

August brought an interesting thread put up on the Newcastle Poker forum about someone wanting to sponser a player for a month and requested applicants. Turns out the original poster declined the list of applicants for whatever reason but me monsieur have took the plunge and decided to sponser the one and only up and coming new star in my opinion of Dan "Spilla Artois" Spiller and his picture is featured. Dont he have the Gyposdog look about him!
Hes paid into certain featured live games in town for September at an outlay of approx £500 with a 50/50 deal. Go Dan go!!!
October is also booked with funds placed on a player called Gary Brewer aka Xenocode on the forum. Ill keep you well informed as to their progress.

Tomorrow sees us at Grosvenor doing some coverage for the forum for their league final and that should be a good day. The Card Guard and Mr Entertainment have qualified so good luck lads and fly the Teamdobbs flag.

As for August its one to forget tbh although not much played online the live games have brought poor returns - infact one of worst months I can remember and a loss is shown although not much considering.


Live = £271 LOSS

Online = £45 PROFIT