Table Selection

Alreet its Karen33000. I normally don't write much about poker as I find talking about it so dull but just wanted to say that something people don't talk about alot which I think I have learnt alot about in the last two months is table selection. I used be one of those who would just sit down straight away when a seat became free but these days I am now looking round at who is there before taking a spot. Just something for ya lot to think abooot dobbsy over ya cheerios.

By the way how ya doing realale!!!!!! long time no hear pal. Where you playing these days?? with negraneau like?


RealAle said...

Hello mate. With the pro's, no. Skint at moment and pissed off with cash poker so just playing fun for now as I'm still addicted! How's your run of luck?

I always read the blog and keep up with the Newcastle players antics.

I'll be back on the cash soon enough although I quite like MTT's now.

TEAMDOBB said...

keep in touch Real always nice to hear from ya!! and good luck

TEAMDOBB said...

great to hear from ya pal. You will have come on to betfair one time and we play mtt for a laugh

Look after ya self dude