Karen 33000 and the nutter Fox!!

Alreet its Karen33000, well im pretty mortal tnite as bn out with mate from uni who I aint seen for awhile and its his bday.
No one will believe this but I walk home after drink a certain way in holloway (north London) and I always see a couple of foxes and they always dart down this lane when I see them. Well tnite Im doing my trip home and I see this thing lying in the middle of the street from a distant and its one of these foxes. Well I get closer and the fker still aint moving... closer I get and he starts to stand up. He looks at me..... and the fuker starts running at me!!!! Im like "fk me!" and start like dwan chambers after a few lines start begging it round the corner and I jump nehind this jeep and peer out and all I see is this fukin fox sprintin round the corner after me! Well I decide as if the fox was raisin my big blind! that I need to make a stand and stop and start shoutin at the fker haha. To be honets me voice aint very menacing and he just stands there as if to say "is bthat alll yeee got like". Suddenly I spot this lass and her bloke looking at me as I crouched behind a jeep shouting stuff. They eventually realise the score and Im left looking like a rite soft fuker as they stand there looking at him as I sprint off in the distance. Just had to have three glasses of water as I have a megga stich! never ran so fast home! I dont know wat happened to that couple! waitin for local paper!
On the poker front I aint spoken about it for ages

Three month ago I had massive trouble with discipline. Well since I packed in working I started to nplay alot 2 mnth ago. I bn doing really well and showing alot of discipline UNTIL today!! Bn so annoyed with myself I managed to win around 8000 pound the last two month but last nite I ventured onto 2 5 dollar table/ To be honest the standard on that table is a mile worse than at any level but I get screwed every time eg 1000 dollar pot when i have 97 on a 10 8 J board all in for guy have 10 j to river a 10. To be honest I truley believe I try avoid certain players on betfair not because they r gud.... eg hedger spackers and vahlallas or watvea he is called. Just for fact I see these guys hit miracles. On that hand I wouldnt go all in I was calling as I know the player against me is one of them....it was spackers so I just call as I know he would hit. Ohhh suprise spackers hit. Anyway I donked off 800 today so the roll is 8000 is profit but Im so annoyerd as before today I was in 90000 roughly from last two weeks. I really hope the demons dont come back and I can stick to the levels where I have found success at.

Sorry for the essay as Im pissed. As for tmoz Im gaanin out gettin riding gear and gonna shoot some bloody foxes! PRO HUNTING!!!!


gyposdog said...

hee hee just see your minceing sprint bet you were screaming help fkn pussy a fox lol id understand if it a rockweiler

Anonymous said...

You total puff!!
Its like a skinny little doig chasing ya get a grip man and kick it in the teeth

TEAMDOBB said...

haha yer i was like. I was running round corner screaming shit! and ran passed this couple as they just stood looking at the fox