Hi people, just a quick rundown on whats been happening in the world of MR E...

Finaly started my online play for cash on Poker Stars and all seems well not quite Sunday Millions yet just micro sit and goes but still got the same amount in account as started with.

Filmed Bohemjean Rhapsody in Swalwell studios with my four forum brothers and well what a laugh check it out on this site or the Newcastle Poker Forum site.

Back to poker been on a bit of a dry run live since my back to back wins however two final tables this week and cashed twice.
Have to mention Jean Barr who made the final table last night with 110.000 chips and lost the lot in a few hands with poker play reminiscent of online freerolls - disgraceful waste of chips.
Well thats all for now see you live or online TA TA