1st Saurday in August and off to play the Poker Player Magazine Tour game being held at Grosvenor Newcastle as part of their series of events. Games a sell out with 100 maximum field from players all around the UK although a big big presence is made of of locals and especially to the fore is a large showing of the white polo tops of Newcastle poker Forum members out in force to hopefully take this down.

Teamdobbs crew playing the event are myself, Card Guard Kid, and Dave Harris.
Met guy in Vegas at my table form Yorkshire known as Deano a.k.a. Bulldozer on Eatmystack forum and since my return met him at APAT Blackpool event and find him sitting to my right at my table in this event.
Take down couple of early hands after picking up a few nice cards that hit but then the rot certainly set in and it became a battle to stay focused when ya getting dealt total shite for hour after hour.
Getting really low in this fast moving structure when sb limps into my BB I push with my A10 for him to call with A5 and I double through. Not long after though I decide to push with AQ to earlier raiser who had previously folde AK show but he insta call and has the bullets AA. Hand played itself as Q high flop came but my straight and other options didnt improve and Im gone mid place.

Event proved a big hit especially for the forum as alot of our members went deep and 5 of them made up the final table.
Best finisher was Isupstella who finished 2nd but then all his £1k prize pool was blown away on his exit from casino when Cheryl his Mrs accidently didnt realise it was a coded controlled barrier exit system and on following out the car infront was met with the lifting barrier damaging the underneath to their car--ooooops. Youtube clip courtesy of Jimmy Chipmunks find.

Played the later £10 £10 £10 Grosvenor league game and after some great banter at each table I was at in a very much fun atmosphere and a pear cider drunken mood I was the bubble boy in 10th place booooooooooooooooo! when my A8 got done over by 10 7 Hate you Will Howe.


Wildcat said...

Very interesting read, any chance of a link swap? I've already got you up!

Good luck for August!

jimmy chipmunk said...

Out of respect to a great finish by Trev i will not post anything negative about lady drivers and anyhow i love them all as i currently have a whiplash claim in because a lady driver did not see the silver estate car that was directly in front of her,ooops.....ouch

TEAMDOBB said...

should see what we put on forum Jimmy about it man Trev loved it