As you already know we set up Newcastle Poker Forum with the intention of having some fun with it and also to try our best to improve the poker scene in newcastle with whats on etc and try and work alongside the 3 casinos in helping them promote themselves and as such in turn this would help the players and create a good newcastle scene.
As always someone always trys to spoil the party and spoil it they did last night FOR THEMSELVES!!

Stanley Circus have been working really hard over the last few months to give players what they have been asking for and as such put up on the 1st tuesday of each month a £500 added £50 Deep Stack Feeze Out with antes added to improve play. Its been well supported and growing in numbers but what do aspers decide to do. They start to run a £100 Freeze Out with 1 rebuy max on the 1st Tuesday of each month to run with their normal Tuesday £5 rebuy.

Great eh,what fantastic management and PR skills that is and I wonder why they started this eh? no prizes for guessing sorry. This despite several requests and pleas from players asking them to move it to the 2nd Tesday of the month thus giving local players the opportunity to play in both games and to give the local scene 2 really good games to look forward to play in each month.
Well its certainly backfired and slapped them reet in the face with Stanley Circus game getting 103 runners YES 103 RUNNERS ARE YOU LISTENING APERS and Aspers attempted hi jack game being forced to cancel with only 9 players registered.

A message to be had I say Aspers, listen to what the players are telling ya and be fair - YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE.


Brenos said...

It's good to see people voted with their feet. Hopefully no lingering animosity and things can be better organised in future!

Pud's Poker said...

As brenos says it's good the players voted with their feet. A big fuvk you to Aspers for trying to hijack!

I wish the casinos around here would lsted to their customers, we're stuck with a shocking pile of turd as a schedule!

Knight1874 said...

I must say that I hope Aspers don't do this mistake again...what where they thinking...LOL!!! Competing with the Stanleys Circus..LOL.