The Milks Gone Sour

Hello all the dedicated readers of this blog hows things? ive had abit of a shitty morning tbh, woke up turned on the laptop and to my horror my normal poker schedule is fucked! No multis on pokerstars until 1 o clock WTF? then started to get tucked into my bowl of cheerios to notice the fkn milks off errrrrrrr only bought it last night and the shop dont open till 1030, i know 1030 the lazy little fkr im watching the clock, hes getting told like, the poor little bastards going to end up paying the price for pokerstars stopping my "fix".

Anyways enough of that bollocks and onto poker had a 3rd for 2300ish last week when we 3 handed this cunt knocked a deal back and it really pissed me off he was asking for a bigger cut cos he had about 20%more chips so it got knocked back and i really turned it up on him raiseing every hand till we even, the other guy pretty short, then i made a mug play with kq and us biggerstacks were all in he showing aj and im gone what a gutter so now he got massive stack looks back a little while later and the twat came second lool made me feel even worse.

Got a final table in the 10k gtd and had a total headfart first hand and shoved to a raise from the button im in the bb with j10 and he turns over aq and its goodbye gyposdog in 9th for 200ish should of been a four figure sum its a shame really cos play so well for 4-6hrs then blow up at such important time especially with a big rail thanks phil.

The milk drama ended in me getting a 4 pinter for free weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hello cheerios. Good luck at the tables all and no blowouts,headfarts whatever.


TEAMDOBB said...

you have alovely way with words Mick 0:)

Brenos said...

Still good news about the Cheerios