Ambassador Disgrace

Not much action this week online as cudnt be bothered tbh. 3rd attempt satelight into Sundays CPC Lite Package Final on Crypto so that would be nice to lift.

Live stuff saw 9th place finish in Tuesday game at Stanley and Thursday although enjoyable game its anil return in £50 game at Aspers. Early hand sees me flop 2nd high house with 66 on QQ6 flop into raised pot. Jimmy Chipmunk betting into it with another guy and flush draw on table. Turn adds another heart to it and when Jh pops out at river Im convinced hes got Ace of hearts and his sized bet at river makes me think it even more. I single raise his bet which he calls and Im somewhat surprised when he flips JJ for higher house. Well played sir and yes I wudda called his push.
Always struggling after that to be honest and shame as theres a complete raising machine on table with mostly stone cold crap.We lose him last hand before break when he announces raise to 1500 blind. Jimmy Chipmunk makes it 4k to play but Rob on BB aka Larvingravy makes it insta allin push. Raising machine puts his remaining chips in and although Jimmy announces fk I must be up against AA or min KK he also makes up pot leaving only a couple of thousnad behind him. Showdown and raising machine has 82 off Jimmy has AK and Rob has AA. AA makes the nutflush at turn and good job as the 82 hits the straight at the river.
2nd level after break my KQ button push into AJ gets lucky but next lap an all in push from button to my left I call with 88. His AK hits and Im back to previous.
Pick up AsJs next lap on button and my push finds JJ on BB.
Good game this and hopefully slowly is gaining numbers.

Too early for zzzzzzzzzzzzz so call into Grosvenor where I get into totally crazy £1/£2 cash game with some drunken stag guys.
Hard to describe what I was seeing nearly every hand and was cruelty for me as I was picking up total garbage. An example was in raised to £6 pot theres 5 callers. Flop comes J84 rainbow and drunk gets £20. Raise to £40 from solid regular and drunk pops it to £80. Regular pushes all in for over £300. Insta call by drunk with J9 off and surprise suprise Mr Regular and his 444 takes down nice meaty pot.
Another hand sees nice pot grow and on an Ace high board and 4 spades guy next to me bets £50. Insta call by Chinese guy with KJ no pair and no spade to take it down.
I eventually leave after garbage garbage totally frustrated and £100 light.

Talking of total garbage theres certainly been some strange stuff at the forum this week with an unknown obvious trouble maker posting soem total crap to wind members up and in tribute to him heres some Youtube footage of how NOT to behave and act from an Ambassador of Poker so they say!!!!!!


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

I have to agree with you about the tourny great structure 2x45 then 30 mins after break and with free £5 terminator and 48 runners its taking off nicely.
I bet 600 and you raised to 2.5k and if i thought about it longer i would have guessed your hand but what can i say i like your company :) As far as that big hand goes which was the last hand before the break i made it 4k to go and after the maniac pushes i have to put 4.8k extra to win a pot of 23k and altho i am sure he has AA i still felt i had to call as i was still in i was actually on the button in this spot and had to waited to get involved with said maniac just unlucky bb has AA

TEAMDOBB said...

lol thanks for letting me stay longer, saved me from losing more cash at Grosvenor cash game then plus I must learn to turn my music down and learn the colour chip values 0:)
I agree with ya call and understand how ya must of felt ya just got ul.