Not Quite Millions!

Like the last post by me I havnt really been playing much poker lately. Last week saw me play the odd game on Virgin together with a little bit of cash and on the live scene I gave Aspers a visit for their £50 Thursday night Freeze Out.
With 40 runners I had probably the best table there with some guys on it and banter flowed freely. Got a decent stack together by the break but thats where it stopped.
AK missed into 99, up n down and flush draw missed on big pot, 10 10 had to be put down on QK board and then called a raise with 77 and into an 888 board my totally AK mis read on the guy and push was greeted by KK.

Onto online stuff and very very quiet here as cudnt be bothered to be honest. Syndicate of 10 has been put together at forum by one of the members to play the Poker Stars Millions on Sunday night. Good idea really as gives you a very cheap way to play and experience this very popular tournament and after draw and then 1st player unable to play due to other family commitments it was me who sat down 1st to try their luck. With well over 7000 runners theres not much to write about Im afraid. The game was a total boring grind to be honest and total card dead cruelty. After doubling through early on my only other memory was shortly after I called a guys all in with AK and was very happy to see A7 only on an Ace high flop the 7 to hit the turn to lose 1/3 of my chips.
Got to push stage no where near the money and forced in with KJc into AQ. Had the luck here when J hit.
This got me to the money and with this achived for the rest I pushed my low stack with 77 and got 2 callers with 88 & Ak with the AK taking down the pot.
Didnt particularly enjoy the game due to cards I was constantly getting but was kept on track by the banter and humour and support at the "rail" Cheers lads. Shame really because there were some awful plays at the table and loads of chips going free if you could get some decent cards.

Good result for the "Toon" on opening game down at Man Utd weeeeeeeeeeeeeee and watch this space because coming soon is a possible star of the future. Was at Mrs Card Guards sisters wedding on Friday and their 10 year old nephew got up to sing. Well I sat there thinking omg here we go another X factor reject performance coming and was astounded at what i saw. This young fella had the place gobsmacked with his "Mika" performance. Card Guard got it all on video and its coming here very soon.

Multi table special feature coming soon when my mate returns from his holidays which Im looking forward to doing and hopefully we can get some summer the next week or two as Im sick to fkn death of this shit weather and constant rain.
Be lucky and cya soon