future teamdobber???

as dobbys mentioned in an earlier post we attended the wifes sisters wedding last week and my 10 year old nephew got up to sing. fuck me i thought time to leave and have a tab to avoid embarrassament but alas i got collered by the wife to video it. shit i thought gonna have to listen to 5 mins of total rubbish but as soon as he started the place was rocking. so here it is via u tube watch and enjoy



TEAMDOBB said...

quality and deffo a future star.
much betta being actually there as sound and timing was spot on

Brenos said...

That is fucking brilliant! I'm watching here after a few beers and can imagine that everyone was loving that at the wedding. Confident little chap..."Are you enjoying it?" LOL top effort young man! :-)

Poker play the Soap way said...

how do you post vid direct to blod Dave?

seen a corker today - want to share with all !!

TEAMDOBB said...

ill pm you at forum Mark