Well not a bad afternoons work, sure knocks the arse off plumbing. Buzzing with meself here im a micro stakes player really and slowly building my roll up, but all is going well of late so thought id have another go at a $110 tourney on stars think its my 4th, id never cashed in one before but tbh id been really unlucky not to.

Tbh they just like any other tourney on there, one big thing i noticed was pokerstars number 1 tournament player johnnybax was at my table he has made some serious dosh online, he called my all in with his 1010 for about 65k with my ak shove ace on flop weeeeeeeeee ship left him crippled.

By the time we hit the final table it was a really tight game and tbh got lucky twice on final table, bout 6 left and im in big blind with 77 3xraise and i shove he insta calls,fkkkks, he kk flop 7 high weeeeeeeeee ship it. Then im sb with a10 the button who raises everytime does his normal 3x bb bet, im on msn to a couple of the boys and says a10 what u do? id push was the cry, mmmmn fk it ill shove he insta calls and shows ak wow surprised he that strong but a 10 high flop and im cruiseing (lucky bastard)

Then when down to heads up i done my normal collapse and threw it away i need some type of coaching heads up cos im fkn shite gr8 record live heads up but online im total garbage anyways cutting this one short cos me family just turned up, good luck all.


TEAMDOBB said...

great result with a major just round corner buddy 100% ya done the "Team" proud

ya not shit hups-maybe used ya luck quota in that comp with the A10 n 77

Ukgatsby said...

very nice result

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Well done Gypos cracking result m8 dont worry about your heads up play because if your getting heads up there is no need for the milk to go sour :)