The Curse of Teamdobbs

Well on reading previous posts from my esteemed Teamdobbs members it seems between us we cant win a game of snap against a blind man using the non brail cards.
I think Im gonna give up poker and turn my time to writing lyrics for songs(see Newcastle Poker forum thread) Its fkn Ace!!!!

This game we all used to love is fucking up my mental state and turning me into a complete knob(maybe im a bit like the hulk). I have been completley wankered by vastly inferior players at every tourney over the last 3 months and it is seriously beginning to boil my piss.
3 of the best of this week are 6000 stacks blinds 50-100 2nd position raises my big blind to 600 2 callers I re raise to 3000 with AA hoping he pushes all in. He flat calls other 2 pass flop 2 5 9 rainbow and cos my opinion of him from previous meetings is he is a solid player I have put him on JJ or QQ. I push all in and insta call he flips over 5 5 for set. Cant play against people who will not lay down small pairs to a re raise for over half their stack.
Day before 99 on a 9 2 3 rainbow board and someone re raises my 500 bet to all in for 9000 chips I am all in and he says whoops was trying to bluff you and turns over 7 6. turn 5 river 8 and I leave even though I have 3 rebuys left.
Best of lot is a raise to 300 I re raise to 1800 and another caller and original raiser calls. I got KK and flop is A A 7. Im first to act and am convinced one of them has a raggy ace so I check as do the other 2. Turn is a 9 I check next bets 3rd calls I pass. All money in on river and original raiser shows 99 to the others JJ.
I show my passed KK and original raiser states when you re raised I put you 10's or Jacks thats why I just flat called your re raise. Could not even be bothered to adv him calling my re raise was for nearly half his stack and not good play if he is sure I have an over pair!!! Then 3 hands later I get KK again been a raise so I re raise and the same guy flat calls. Flop comes 10 2 9 rainbow checks to me I push my last 3500 in and insta call to turn over 10 2 off suit!!.
Idiots like this are curently contributing to me and Mrs Card Guard having blazing rows cos I let off steam to her and she does not understand my passion and frustration.
Anyway the only way through this I can see is to carry on and play my way back to form however long this takes. Gyposdog I totally understand your anger and for fucks sake lets hope we never in the same car or we will being 2 - 5 in solitary!!!!!!

On a lighter note whoo hoo rooms booked for Vegas from 20th Nov to 1st Dec when me and Mr Entertainment will be ripping up the Vegas tables and I will be getting plenty of value for my money at the all you can eat buffets!!!

Happy poker fellow players and lets hope we all run into form for Blackpool APAT Team Event cos my monies down on the team and spread over all our players

See ya soon


gyposdog said...

you must be saving the win for apat, quality always comes through mate and you have that in abundance, keep grinding.