Glad to "Nearly" be back

Time for a change as havnt been for ages and the lure of the £100 with one rebuy max gets me into town on Tuesday night at Aspers making me miss my Poker in the Pub stuff.

Poorly advertised apparently and I think 40 odd runners eventually shuffle up & deal.
Game gets off to a bad start when apparently after cardroom meeting previous night with alot of regulars where dealers were pleaded for and agreed to for certain comps, only 2 dealers started the game from the 5 tables.

Seated on table 1 and nicely placed between likeable guy on my right and Richard " Madasawasp" to my left. Hand after hand Im getting total shite but stay patient and eventually my BB is attacked by Hamid a well known play any 2 cards guy but so difficult to read at times. I look down at AK and flat call his raise. Flop comes AK7 to which I check to him for him to fire into the pot after his initial raise and I push all in. Instant call by Hamid showing down A5 and double up for me.
Get to break OK stack and no rebuy thanks, £100 is enough in the field and the pot is settled at £7200 to play for.
I build nice n steady picking up bits n pieces here n there but key hand comes as we approach around 16/17 runners left. My BB and another guy who again can play a wide range of hands fires in 4200 on 600/1200. I look at AJ and decide to call with early position limper making up 3 way pot. Ace high flop I check knowing original raiser will fire bet and after limper also checks the raiser moves all in. I certainly dont have him on big Ace or better for various reasons and make the call to which other guy folds.
I could tell by his face he didnt want the call and shows A4 taking him out and a nice pot for me.
Into final table eventually and hardly move seats but very happy with seat position after draw in relation to other players and their stacks.

Defend my blind with J9 from regular steal player and push when 9 high flop is enough. Down to 6 left and in decent position when that critical hand always comes along that decides tournie for ya. Guy pushes for 25k ish and I make call with 10 10 after seeing alot of his previous shit he had pushed with when in need of chips mind. Showdown and he turns AJ but sure enough he hits J on flop and its damage time for me. Couple of good folds get me down to last 5 and then with action stepping up I see the lovely sight of AdAh in my BB.
Cudnt believe it but ALL FOLD and zero return from the bullets boooooo.

Blinds are getting expensive now and eventually after another push on my BB by the big stack leader I put em in with no option really with 33. He shows 98 off and 9 drops in on the flop which takes me down.

Felt I played solid all night with few errors and felt good as well about most aspects of the game. Glad to get back to a final table position in decent comp and payout of £500 for £100 entry.
Be happy with same result next week as we take a 10 man team from the Newcastle Poker Forum down to Blackpool for the APAT Forum team Challenge at the G Casino in what should be 2 days of excellent competition,excellent company and good fun n banter.


gyposdog said...

well done mate, glad to see you got that monkey off ya back

Poker play the Soap way said...

top effort

some times difference between winning and losing is just winning them races which you cant control.

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RealAle said...

Nice one mate. Good luck in Blackpool.