Pissed in my pants when I heard of Chris(berlin)Bates latest little caper.
This kids an absolute legend in my opinion, although i have a soft spot for him as he was a year younger than me at school and from my area and always very quiet.

He a good kid he just cant stop fucking lieing hes a compulsive lier you cant beleive a word he says his alias "berlin" is because he told everyone at the casino he was going to the world cup in Germany and got exposed as a gobshite afterwards after hed told everyone how great it was looool.
So to cut a long story short hes knocking about with a few, shall we say "wronguns" so he gets invite to this Frank Bruno dinner talk and auction and ends up bidding 700quid for some signed shorts loooooooool. The kid hasnt got a pot to piss in, he had to lend 30 quid to go to the doo in the first place looooooool.

So now hes done his normal trick of hiding in his bedroom and hope it all passes while his poor old man will end up footing the bill again, Chris son you obviously arent wired up proppa what the fuck goes through your head,I cant wait for the next one hee hee


jimmy chimunk said...

Everyone knows a Chris Bates its an illness the couldnt lie straight in bed!

TEAMDOBB said...

Playing with the boys on cash last neet at Grove - must be needing some wonga for summit!!!