What a great week.

Travelled down to Blackpool on Friday as the rest of the crew were heading down same night and meet up. Card Guard n Mr Entertainment had got there 1st n sorted us out with room n their hotel and others of the team were all close by.
Decided to take in the £30 D/C Freeze Out at Stanley Circus (Castles) and ended up high 80 runner field crammed into poor cardroom with shit tables although at least most were dealer dealt. We had 9 playing in tournament so virtually 10% of field.
Hit some good cards and as the beer flowed Stanleys although very accomodating didnt particularly like our banter as the volume grew. End of the day it was all just good humour and none offensive stuff.
Ended up final table with S2C well stacked and to be honest well juiced up as well. 1st hand of final table set the mood when totally represented flush to young local guy who had re raised my turn bet and I bet heavy at river for him to fold. Showed bluff which worked great for later hands when sitting with the goods.
Down to 4 and big chip leader offers deal to us 3 which I initially refuse as wanted to go for the win but when he explained this was last 20 minute level then chip count would come in was obvious chop which he wanted $500 to our £350 so deal was done.
Nice touch and now freeroll weekend as we headed for the APAT team event at the G.
Breakfast was hard to get down at 9am next day and the return to bed till 12.30 worked a treat in clearing the bad headache I had.

Not going to go on with detailed stuff on the game as theres too much to be honest and most of it in more detailed reports can be found at Newcastle Poker Forum together with some great pictures. Ended up the team finished 6th from 20 teams which was a great performance considering and 2 went deep in 13th n 14th from 200 runner field.
Highlights again was the tremendous team spirit and craic together with the constant superb rail support as individual players got knocked out.

Busted around the 70 mark when getting my JJ in against Ace 10 for 38k pot which wudda put me back in game with above average stack but guy rivered the Ace.

Anyways well done to all our crew who created a great atmosphere and certainly got Newcastle poker noticed, thanks to APAT for a really professionally ran tournament and special well done to Teamdobber The Card Guard Kid for going deepest of us all in 13th place.


gyposdog said...

aye well done lads massive performance, big well done crd grd flying the flag, hats off to any one who can stop me getting in the next team

Anonymous said...

N1 all....

What is it with the night before a tourney?! DC and S2C finish 1st and 2nd the night before the Virgin Festival and blow me nearly do it again before this! GG etc.

Pete oldtwato

TEAMDOBB said...

was pissed in both games

Pud's Poker said...

I wish I had gone down with Team Raise The River now and met up with some of the bloggers I read daily.