Get the Donkeys saddled up here we come!

Been alot going on of late especially with the forum which has really gone crazy now. We have a real hard core of regulars now and the membership has went past 200 with alot of activity each day. Its become a must visit place and once on, it is difficult to get off with the humour and topics being thrown up and the banter between certain members makes it a must read. I also think it has brought together players closer at live games and changed quite a few as to how they think of others for the better.

The surprise of the "Anthem" as featured on previous post here was sprung at a home game I was invited to with S2C at Mr Entertainments house which attracted approx 20 forum members and you simply had to be there to appreciate the response. Here we were in ya regular 3 bed semi and low n behold Mr E only has this monsta pull down screen across his Bay window with an overhead projector. 20 odd people squeezed into the living room and S2C rigs his lap top up and boom out blasts the "Anthem" to the shock reaction of the people watching and Im sure NOT what they were expecting. Fuck me Ive never seen so many people pissing themselves laughing so much in a restricted space for this to be repeated again later when some late guests arrived.
A night not to be forgotten with the crack and hospitality fantastic and hats off to Mr & Mrs Entertainment for putting on a quality night and one of the best buffets that I have ever experienced.

On the poker front been on decent run myself as well lately with some good results online and very happy with my live game that just needs that bit of luck at vital stage to bring a good result home.

Really looking forward to this weekend with the forum taking a team of 10 down to the APAT Forum team Championship being held in 2 day event at the G Casino Blackpool.
Only downside for me was the difficult situation I found myself in having to choose the team from far too many players wanting to represent the forum. This was also badly hampered with be being away in Las Vegas at the WSOP when trying to sort this and meet the deadlines put in place by APAT in respect to registration of the team. As such I had to make a decision which was obviously not going to please everyone and tried to do it in the most fairest way I could possibly think of knowing how much alot of members wanted to play in this event. As the forum is relatively new I took the decision that the team should be represented by the 10 applicants who had posted the most at the forum bearing in mind that from the 18 applicants perming any of the 10 from the 18 would have put together a very strong team. The bad side to this from a personal point of view was my best poker buddy Gyposdog just missed out ending up being 1st reserve incase anyone dropped out which they havnt. Such is life and despite his obvious disappointment Im sure after I explained this to him he understands and no hard feeling have been left.

On the other side of the coin we have 3 Teamdobbs members in there representing Newcastle Poker Forum in myself, Mr Entertainment and The Card Guard kid.

Full details of this weekends competition can be found at APAT
and a full betting facility on it at Blue Square


gyposdog said...

Such is life.