Dont forget what its all about

We all play Poker for various reasons and the beauty of the game as well is the wide variety of people that play it and the wide variety of people that you meet sitting down at a poker table.

Another vital thing that makes this game so interesting and amusing at times is that virtually ANYONE of any intelligence and ability can play the game and to a degree can have success. How many times have you been done by an absolutely crazy call to see the killer 1 or 2 outer hit the board at the river from a novice to the game and the worst players of all to play against are the newcomers by an absolute mile. As such when out playing in local casinos dont get too uptight about things and just go to enjoy yourself and enjoy the company that you meet in these premises.
Bearing this in mind careful consideration should be given as to where you play because after all especially playing live its an ABSOLUTE MUST that you enjoy playing there and most of all enjoy the people there and the craick that goes with it.
As readers of this blog will have picked up alot of my live poker in Newcastle is mainly played at Grosvenor Casino. Why you may ask? Well it aint for the huge potential winnings for sure due to limited prize funds the games achieve. No its simple why I play there and its this- THE PEOPLE & CHARACTERS THE PLACE ATTRACTS.
Now over this weekend it has leaked that huge price increases are apparently going to be implemented by the Grosvenor Group which has so infuriated many of the regulars that a hard core group are threatening to abandon the place and play elsewhere.
I also get the impression that Grosvenor dont care and are ignoring the potential huge impact this could have on their Pokeroom.

Pokerooms need atmosphere and characters and by removing these then that cardroom is leaving itself wideopen to decreased attendances and a place where "proppa" people dont want to go.
Pokerooms dont directly generate big returns for casinos but in directly they obviously do with Poker players dabbling on tables n slots etc and using restaurant & bar facilities which without poker they would not in general even be in those premises. I for one would include myself in this category.

With the launch of the Newcastle Poker Forum an even stronger bond between players especially the big characters of that poker room has emerged and I have a feeling that many of these will stick together to the demise of one cardroom but the advantage of another that may well appreciate their custom more.
The forum at present is conducting a player spend survey as to how much individual players honestly spend when attending a poker game and some VERY INTERESTING results are emerging all collated by a very experience member of the accountancy trade. Watch this space as I hope to have some interesting reading figures very soon.

Also as I have just mentioned the Newcastle Poker Forum a famous milestone has been passed over the weekend. Congratulations to its member Phlmc who in such a short space of time has achieved 1000 posts and as such results in him being given POKER GOD status at the forum. His target of 2000 is already well underway.

On the poker front, this weekend is a virtual no go as I simply cudnt be arsed to be honest eventually winning 3 buy ins on micro cash and getting busted in 3 Crypto satellites all with bad beats which if you play Crapto you certainly get used to.
A classic bad beat is revealed there as well in the same games I was playing on Brenos blog which must of hurt so much.