Spent this weekend celebrating my birthday and my daughters. Meal on the Friday, day at Newcastle races on Saturday and family barbecue on Sunday and the new found taste for pear cider mmmmmmmm. Very nice and some sunshine always makes you fell better.

Ive been really quiet to be honest on the poker front playing a very small amount online and a 1 max 2 live games. Found the Newcastle Poker Forum has kept me so busy lately sorting out this n that for them but thought I must post the news we got this morning on switching on the computors at work.
Opened the forum up and bang its full of news about a student lad whos a regular at the Grosvenor and a really nice lad as well. Hes only went and took down the Poker Stars Million for a cool $138000.00
Railing is now the sport of the forum and he had a few lads follow and cheer him on all through the night as he strove to take this biggie down.
A 4 way deal was agreed and then play for the $30k Stars insist goes to the winner. Low stack of the 4 and Aryan came through to take it down.
So from all at Teamdobbs and the North east well done Aryan "AVKID86" Varabi. You are now officially a Poker Millionaire.

This together with 1_Fish and his FullTilt $97k win makes it a great double for forum members and a difficult choice for UKGatsby to make on his monthly awards.

Heres some good stuff from the APAT Team Event at Blackpool last week.

Will sort this months figures next couple of days but I know it will be showing profit for July although just abit short of Avkids total.


Pud's Poker said...

Always great to see someone you know or know of take a biggy down. I think I was more excited than my mate Kenn121 when he won $44k on Party!

TEAMDOBB said...

We have had 6 members at Newcastle Poker Forum take down wins from 138k to 9k in last 10 days and most of them railed by us till early hours of morning giving them support and keeping them going.