Not at the races still

Been back a week now and hardly played any poker online apart from a small amount of cash to qualify for a couple of freebie multis in raked hands.
To be honest Ive really struggled with time zone stuff and this week has been really weird. I played the £50 £500 added game at Stanley Circus on Tuesday night and 80 plus runners started so a good game was guaranteed with nice pot up for grabs. Hats off to Stanleys here for listening to the players moans from last month as to length of tournie and introducing antes for the 1st time ever in a game held in Newcastle outside of major tournaments and to be honest it worked a treat.
Got seated on same table as S2C so had birds eye view and to be honest was most impressed with his application and plays. Very very ul when a well known player next to me made a ridiculous call to a perfect amount bet with straight draw against all odds that hit on the turn to damage s2C stack but he recovered magnificently to battle his way back into contention only to make his only critical mistake imo with a bad call against what I felt was an obvious strong hand.

I was very happy with my plays and game on a great table only spoilt by a total dick head dealer who I reckon had something seriously wrong up top and deffo needs to attend Mr Entertainments dealing classes which ive heard open up next week in the local Co-Ops car park. I battled away after deciding to attempt to knock the dealer out and it worked a treat giving me a healthy stack only for for my perfect read with AsQs on crappy raise KJ and pushing him all in get sucked out on river straight. Recovered again but 4 laps card dead with rising antes did their damage and with last couple of tables in sight and my BB with 6XBB the KJ star decides to raise and I decide KQ is good enough to push and to board that came 24469 his MONSTA 33 held and good night Josephine.
Couldnt sleep on getting home and as such went into work with intention of leaving early when tired to catch up with sleep but ended up working through as normal. Big mistake as when I got home I zonked out on settee then when I woke up late on and went to bed it was 3.00pm when I woke up the next day. It seemed I lost a day from the week and was going around in a trance all week a day behind.
Friday I head into Grosvenor for the £20 DC Freezeout and a very fast played game sees many getting knocked out early. I eventually go out AK v 10 10.
Decide to play a couple of hours cash but cant get fixed up so settle on a STT and soon its down to last 3 and Im big chip leader when guy decides he wants to play all in anything stuff and I duly oblige with him.
AK to his Q7 busted A10 to his K4 busted and then salt into the wounds with AhQh to KhQd that spikes a King on the river. Not surprised as to be honest I cudnt win a race with a one legged midget at the moment.

Newcastle Poker Forum have entered a team into the APAT Team Event taking place at Blackpool G Casino 19th&20th July 2008 and Im really looking forward to this with alot of good teams entered and a good quality field being assembled.
Individual odds and team odds are even available on Blue square for those that fancy a dabble and hopefully by then my racing has changed and Im getting my head in front by then.


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Lol at the jet lag as i did the same one time after coming back from the states waking up at 5.30pm anyways good news there is a 1 legged arse kicking contest on Wednesday in the West End of town if you go you are guaranteed to be the only White boy and with a kind word by myself i can have Mr.Foggo and Wills as the only judges if you cant win that then shoot yourself,u probably will miss and it will be a good cry for help :)