Teamdobbs (aka Karen3300) Finally Gets Big Payday

Alreet lads, Karen33000 here who plays under name Teamdobbs on Betfair.

Well its that time of year with WSOP and big wins at tourneys and I have finally got in on the act. I have really wanted to start playing tourneys recently and after watching donkey Dobbs do well I thought anyone must be able to.

Well it was late one so I entered "the big game" lol on Betfair the 5 dollar $500GTD baby wooooo. Played really solid and just got me two hands when I needed them. Check ooot the link boys I'm going to start queueing outside of booze busters for me celebration bottles nooo!


TEAMDOBB said...

Make sure ya tek the empties back from last week as yi get 10p per bottle doon the smoke for them.

N1 Jammo, stay small u know it makes sense and get a job ya fkn layaboot

gyposdog said...

well done ya useless cunt ive inspired ya havnt i? get ya fkn rent paid then spin it up gogogogogo

gyposdog said...

just looked at pic its only a second ya donk:)