Good lays and shite plays

What a weekend, met up with a old mate who I hadnt seen for a LONG time he the same as always, thats him all over like never phased, what a laugh we had, like we hadnt been apart at all, eeee what a scream, so thanks for Saturday Justin deffo do it again soon mate.

On a poker front qualified for both the biggies on Stars, 1million gtd and 2 million gtd for about $100 great start and enjoy these tourneys sooooo much they get the best out of me, really got bug back for the game at the mo, think I can cash in anything I play (LOL THE HEX)

Pokermillions sat was no problem just coasted through it some maniac play in them, tbh they nearly play themselves well at least thats the way it seems of late (deffo form game jimmy tea cup i mean chipmunk) then in other sat $11 rebuy had $31 invested innit 29 left with 19 seats to biggie Im sitting about 17th-20th utg pushes all in just has me covered I have qq, quickly some things up and come to conclusion I win this Im gtd seat, lets roll the dice, he ak and Im out on river to a flush, ouch lesson learned I think.

Enter next sat and manage to scrape through sorted, just cost $55 more than it should.
The 1 million is off and as usual fantastic support from the rail of the NPF squad, you know who yous are, thanks alot guys. 5500ish runners 800ish paid the only hand I remember and cant forget from this whole tourney is Im sitting with about 15k the average is about 30kish Im on the button and blinds 1k/2k utg pushes for 4k next to act insta single raises to 8k he on about 30k I looks down at JJ its touch and go and I feel I done the right thing in folding bout 200 from cashing(obviously the earlier qq is playing its part here), anyways flop J2J and my heads fkd.
Lol go out about 5 hands later AK v pocket 9s in about 900ish fks, going back to that JJ I never usually go 10x below the bb but close to money its a big tourney, Im still scrutiniseing that hand any suggestions?

Right now its onto the biggun, ends up 2.8million in pot with over 14000 runners and an eye watering 1st prize of 300k biggest game Ive ever played in and off to an absolute flyer gets Q10 suited in small blind 3 runners and I flop the nut str8 with royal flush draw the bb has flopped trip kings and other guy has q10 aswell, dream card 8 of hearts on river to give me the flush and Ive trebled up WOOOOO.
Catch good run of cards at the right time and by the second hr Im on about 70k with 30kish the average, cruiseing:). Then game starts to toughen up and cards dry up bigtime ride it out best I can. Start posting garbage on NPF as most of my posts on there are and had total head fart and threw my lot in with 99 not noticing limper utg who insta calls damn he AA and Im gone in 1804th for $283 then chatbox on msn is full of things like "oooo watch him" and "dodgy him limping"
Lol was left gutted but also left believeing I can deffo get a good cash in that tourney watch this space:)


TEAMDOBB said...

You deffo got biggie in ya told ya that for ages. Roll on next Sunday

Jimmy DD cup said...

Well done dawg,obviously you havn't got a crystal ball but i think with half the average am not folding the death twins in that position just get the lot in and scream at the pc JACK,EFFING JACK it works for me,well it used to :(

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