Sooo Close

Been knocking on the door a lot of late and yet again so fkn close, tbh happy enough, just glad not to of sucked out in 20-30 which is becoming the norm.
Enjoyed this tourney from start to finish i always rebuy at the start (thoughts welcome) i also if early play a daft hand now and again if the moneys in the pot anyways 4 allins before me and i wakes up to the monsta that is 79d, obviously im in, flop a straight and never look back, with hands standing up at vital times im sitting pretty on 185k with about 80 left puts me in about 4th position.
Starting to feel a bit tired so gets teamdobb to put the rally cry out on and did the railbirds come in there droves i was overwhelmed by the support, talk about a 12th man with at least 10-12 railys i was determined not to get fkd in this one, ive stopped posting and reading while im playing cos it cost me dearly last week so when it was finally over i reads back through the thread and what a cracking read that is hand historys, advice,support the lot all big hands in tourney covered in that thread so wont bother putting them in here (lazy little bastard)
Final table was imo fkn lame ive never checked these guys out but if it turns out they are good ill show me arse in fenwicks window. The guy who eventually beat me was getting some hammer off the rail for his plays, some REAL FKN CRAZY PLAYS, so there was noway i was doing a deal,not with the biggest maniac on the table, not with the rail bayin for blood, anyways lost the last battle and tbh for all its a nice little cash, i was left feeling fkn devasted, wanted the win soooooooo bad for the lads on the rail the support was just unreal thanks again.
Now will one of you just take down this apat tourney and my weekend will be complete all the best guys they wont know wots hit them loooooool.


Pud's Poker said...

Always nice to go deep in an MTT, would have been nice to hit the FT with those payouts though.

I always rebuy from the off and from the "big-name" pro's blogs I read, they do too and always get it all-in at any given opportunity.

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Well done m8 with all the bad results lately i was thinking that Teamdobbs is cursed but we all seem to be getting a little back now so happy days ahead,get some Shiraz down ya

TEAMDOBB said...

one of the best nights of not playing poker ever.
great entertainment had by all and was pity mick the plumber didnt seal the pipe of the arse hole on rail Celtic KNOW FK ALL Fox who Ive nominated for knob of the month on UK Gatsbys blog

TEAMDOBB said...

pudds? gypo was 2nd matey for $5k