Ok so it was only the fiver rebuy and the fifteen quid deepstack freezeout at the Grosvenor,
but when your lucks out and and you can`t hit a barn door with a cricket bat you do start to question your game, and that horrible seed of doubt starts to enter your mind.


With I might add the Newcastle Poker Forum anthem ringing in my ears.
Best part of the second win was going up against a guy on the final table who called my 9 times the blind raise on monday with A 10 -aginst my QQ only for the flop to bring 884 I push all in and he calls with A 10 OFF ? (UNBELIEVABLE) ace hits the river .
Anyway imagine my delight on the final table Wednesday and there he is in seat 1...
I`m late position with A J HEARTS blinds 3k 6k and raise 30k third of my stack everyone folds to seat one who pushes all in, I`ve got him covered withe 8k left if i lose the hand so I had to think long and hard 8 players left "what have you got ?" i asked no response, i kept thinking im behind here, surely he hasn`t put his tournamnet on A 10 ?. so i said " if I pass will you show ? (I know - I`ve berated people for it ) he looked up and said "no " I knew then that he had A 10 called in a flash and WHOOPEE he shows A 10 my A J stands up and its goodbye son !!.
There is a Poker God after all.

So this has realy given me a lift and realy looking forward to representing The Newcastle Poker Forum at Blackpool this weekend.


TEAMDOBB said...

lol happy days and sounds like your a touch happy about it as well.

Well done Foggo as I know how much you been trying to turn ya game around and get some success behind you before this weekend.

Bring it on Mr Entertainment

gyposdog said...

nice 1 foggo just at the right time aswell mate, show them fkrs wot yer can do down there, i want that trophy back at npf hq!