Bye Bye July

Finished off the month with my new game now a regular on Tuesdays at Stanley Circus.
Normal game is £30 Double Chance Freeze out with an extra 1000 chip added if seated on time. 1st Tuesday of the month they have £50 freeze Out with £500 added to pot by the house and only game in town that operates antes in this one.

Just under 40 runners and decide back to basics in this event after previous weeks donking chips off and new CDs on ipod keep me entertained during awful cards spell then QQ big raise is called and a Q 10 rag board sees my pot bet called. Safe turn and my push for last 1200 is insta called to guys AK. The caller had monsta stack and was hitting everything so no surprise when his jacks hits river for his straight and my call for chips leaves me with 3k 10 mins before break.

Come back with 2400 and couple of pushes get through and table break. There for a few laps then break to 2 tables and Im moved and what a move that turned out to be.
After seeing so much shite my 1st hand at new table is QQ in the BB. 2 limpers and I push for 5200. Both call and my cards hold to guy with small pair and other needed spade on river to flush me.
Next hand KK and I re raise guy at top of table who insta all in which I call.
55 to my Kings and 1st card out is 5. FFks I think after getting back into game but K hits the turn and Im stacked at last.
Get KK again next lap and take down another pot. Funny old game 0:)
Getting near to final table and Jimmy Chipmunk gets moved to our table. He takes a hit making him low chipped and when I see AK i pop his BB up and he moves in with 88.
Ace hits flop as well as making that into nut flush with my K spades.

Morlspin bubbles on other table and final table with decent stack.
Sit tight early stages not seeing much and eventually 7 left and best hand for ages AQd in sb put good raise in and BB moves all in. My call sees AA and Im now low stack at table. 2 laps on and the only guy now with less chips than me pushes from button on my BB. Blind call and he shows K3 and I flip JJ. King river sees me with a single 1k chip. Quad up then double up then double up lolol.
Down to 5 and I push steal in sb for 18k ish with 10 7 hts but BB calls with A3 and although 10 hits flop the ace hits the turn and Im gone in 5th.
Felt the win was there for taking but not to be and at least another live profit with £100 return so quite happy with a profitable and reasonably busy July.

Tonight I play a satellite game for seat into Macau Final simply because of its value overlay. Get heads up and from 3/1 down get in front to very passive player.
Single bet K85 flop with top pair King and guy comes over top of me. I call and hes got 63. Yip 63 and book me in Danno. 3 turn FKN 6 river. Eventually blow out and why or why is such shit play like that rewarded.

Saturday sees August start with Poker Player Magazine UK game at Grosvenor 2pm start and 100 runner field so me n S2C and a fair few of forum lads playing in that.

July Figures

Online = £186 profit

Live = £527.50 profit