Pet Taxi 5 - A different experience!!!!

Areet lads.

Dispite saying numerous times before "never again!" I reluctantly accepted another day yesterday.

One job, a customer I'd had before who wouldn't stop rabbiting for an hour plus, but otherwise reasonably sane.

As before, had van dropped off at 8.45am. Went back home, had breakfast, quick shower and away. Headed to Birtley for Michael and his dog Gemma (Part 1.)

Picked him up at 10.15. Drove to other side of Durham city centre to the k9 hydratherapy farm.

11.30am Dropped the guy off, £25 payed, no problems apart from my ear drums bleeding from his constant waffling about shyte.

Rang Sis from outside his house to let her know job done and all's well.

"I've just had a call if you want to take it?" she asks.

(I'm feeling good as first job went without a hitch) Ok! what's the job?

Pick the guy up from Millfield in Sunderland and run him and his Jack Russell over to the PDSA at Southwick (5 min drive max)

12pm. Arrive at Millfield address, guy comes out, lovely little Jack Russell in hand. He'd been rummaging around in bushes on his morning walk and got caught

on some barbed wire and gashed his hind leg.

12.05PM Arrive at PDSA, guy goes in, 5 mins later he comes out, dog has a cone on his neck,,lol (funny site, the cone was bigger than him) antibiotics in hand and the dog's

had a stitch.

12.15-20pm, arrive back at the blokes address, £15 payed. Job's a goodun.

Ring Sis. "Everything's ok, job's done. Are you at home?"

"Yes, I haven't got another job till 2.15pm, pop in for a coffee." (It's only 2 mins down the road so I tell her to put the kettle on.

12.25. Sitting in Sis' house drinking coffe and chatting, phone rings. Takes down a few details then hangs up.

"You fancy another job?" (I'm on a proper roll now and agree)

"Ok, jobs at Monkwearmouth, run her to the PDSA in Southwick with her dog Petra. She's old and pretty abrupt but she's no bother" she says.

12.45pm, arrive at the address, door opens, old dear maybe 70 years old answers the door (tissue in hand and eyes all red) "come in luv" she sniffled.

I walk in and take one look at her and I knew there and then Petra isn't coming back home.

We get into the van, Miss Turnbull still in tears. I don't want to engage in any sort of conversation cos I know what's about to happen. We drive silently to the PDSA.

It was only 5 mins up the road but it seemed like 3 hours sitting in uncomfortable silence.

12.55pm. Arrive at PDSA, I turn to the old dear and ask "would you like me to take her in if you're not upto it?" "No" she says "I have to do it." Fucking phewwwwww!!!!

I walk in with her and see the lady at the desk to let them know we've arrived. "The vet is 10 mins behind schedule take a seat" bollox, I haven't a clue what to

say to this old girl. She pulls a mobile out of her bag and starts to fiddle with it but I can see she doesn't know what the fuck she's doing so I ask her if she wants

to call someone. Without a word she hands me the phone and I access her contacts. OMFG she only has one contact in there called Keith.

I ask her if she wants to ring Keith, she nods, still in tears. She speaks to this bloke and carries on bubbling throughout the call, hangs up and puts phone back in her bag.

I ask her if Keith is a relative, son maybe. No, she says, I have no family, Keith is my next door neighbour he looks after me.

Anyway, Vet opens door and calls us in. We enter the small room and she tells the vet that "it's time"

The vet then explains to her what the procedure is and that Petra will feel no pain, she'll just fall asleep peacfully and will not feel a thing as all the do to put dogs asleep is overdose them

on anasthetic.

Few moments later, the vet is injecting poor little Petra and the old dear has hold of my hand sobbing her heart out for her long time companion and love of her life.

Then it happened, it got too much for me too and I started crying aswell. We're both in tears looking down at her sleeping baby. Very peaceful and rid of all the pain she

had obviously been suffering from.

The vet's trying to ask what she wanted doing with her body while we're both there crying our eyes out. I pull myself together for a second and tell the old girl I have a number for a lady

called Lucinda.

Lucinda owns a cremetorium in Durham and will take care of whatever needs to be done and get her back in a lovely little pine casket with name engraved and everything,

with Petras ashes inside.

We leave the side room and into the main lobby of the PDSA, the whole place is packed and we're walking out hand in hand crying like no tomorrow.

I get her home and go inside, call Lucinda and make the necessary arrangements. Old dear is sitting on the sofa (still heartbroken) and pointing to what was obviously Petras


This set me off again and we're sitting crying once more, all the time I'm reassuring her that she's done the right thing.

I get up to leave then it struck me. OMFG i have to ask this heartbroken lonely old woman for my money.. WTF do you do???????

I was just about to (SHAMEFULLY) utter the words when she asked me how much I owed her. PHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

She paid me and reached out to hug me before I left and set me off again (ffs) we're standing in her hall way hugging, crying and then I pull away and tell her "I really

do have to get on." She thanks me and tells me "I couldn't have done it without you" then I leave.

Get in the van and leave.(still bubbling btw)

Now, I've had my fair share of nutters and idiots doing this. It's been a nightmare from start to finish in the past but (selfishly) I hope I never have to experience this

"different kind of nighmare" again.

Gimme the crackpots and nutters anyday or this is definately "MY LAST TIME".

R.I.P Petra. The time you spent together, you obviously made an old girl very happy.

PS: I set myself off again while writng this ffs.